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REVIEW: Positive Action For Christ (JR/SR High School Curriculum)

Student wkbook
Positive Action For Christ~Life of Christ by Frank Hamrick
Ages: 12 & up
Cost:  $17.95 (Student Delux Workbook) and Teacher's Manual ($41.95)
Web:  HERE 
I say:  Very complete and I LOVE IT!
I received Positive Action For Christ's study, Life of Christ (book of the Gospel of John) as The Old Schoolhouse Crew member for my honest opinions without monetary compensation.

The Life of Christ is a teen Bible study on the gospel of John.  I was sent the teacher's binder and student workbook which are a beautiful product~so well done, easy to navigate~I fell in love~and actually have been using the study myself.  The workbook isn't workbooky, but engages the learner in thinking and applying the concepts discussed.  I especially love the geography helps with the beautiful maps and the study aids.  My kids have enjoyed this study as well.  As teens Bible curriculum that provides a platform for continued discussions is soo good, and the Life of Christ accomplishes this aim~

The study is laid out in 35 weeks of study with  a workbook which is the Student Deluxe Edition~It is not only beautiful but written to the student.  We really enjoyed this timely study as we began during the Christmas season, and learning of Jesus Christ during that time was very meaningful.

I like the Teacher's Manual b/c it's well laid out with tabs and in a sturdy binder which makes it an overall very nice notebook of resources~there are maps, overhead masters and more.  The teacher's notes are helpful and engaging.  It was easy to read. I got really excited with the maps of the region and how they were laid out by events and areas~VERY USEFUL!

Here's what you can get for this study~

  • Teacher's manual available
  • Student Deluxe Workbook available
  • Gospel of John Multimedia DVD available (didn't review)
  • Student Outline Workbook avaliable (for church use/didn't review)
  • Overheads on CD available

Details on the Student Deluxe Wkbook:
  • Content age-appropriate for middle school or high school
  • Illustrations and notes from the teacher's lesson
  • An introductory section with reading and homework to be completed in advance
  • Additional student research for each lesson
  • A Digging Deeper section with further ideas for expanding each lesson
  • A recommended reading list
  • Original artwork to introduce each lesson
  • Full-color pages with charts, maps, and photos
  • 8 x 10 inch size
  • 277 pages (from the website)
Details on the Teacher's Manual:
  • 35 lessons (one lesson per week)
  • Plans for 3, 4, or 5-day a week Bible classes
  • Full copy of student's manual with answers
  • Reproducible quizzes and unit tests that use a variety of testing techniques
  • Overhead transparency masters
  • 342 pages (from the website)
The Life of Christ from Positive Action For Christ is a very good Bible study for this age with enough practical application and historical perspective to make it a well rounded study for teens.  It will definitely deepen their knowledge and hopefully their faith~I salivated over all the additional resources available and can see this as useful for group study as well as homeschooling~woot!

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GREAT POST! I did not do this reveiw but am considering getting it so thank you! Blessings!