Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fit Mommy Friday: WK2: Sick/Weigh In and POE Change~

Okay, I've been participating with Fit Mommy Fri since the 10 Week Challenge, and this is Week 2 of the New Year~wooot!  Okay...Here's my thang~I got sick!  Yeah, I really began feeling sooo bad by last Fri that I couldn't make it to the Y to swim and do the water aerobics; even tried to head there on Sat but it was a no go...So on Monday I called the doc for a Rx and ended up going in... ... ... and facing.... .... ... ... the dreaded .... ... ... ... ...S C A L E~

Now you gotta know something.  First off~the scale IS NOT the measure of my success!  My measurement IS how I've eaten and taken care of ME~BUT...BUT ....  .... BUT.... It DOES SHOW how overall my plan of eating POE is measuring up (literally)! Soo with this said, I was facing the scale...and BIG TIME~

I got on it, and it revealed another 7lb loss~total 39lbs since beginning! WHOOT!~ Now in all honesty, this is a very very very very very  very get the idea ;-)) VERY sloooooooooow wt loss plan evidently, b/c I had not weighed in 6 weeks. But I KNOW during that time to the present I've consumed no more than 2200 calories and no white sugars/flour, so just because it's slow doesn't mean I am off the means I AM on the plan~taking care to eat whole foods~foods prepared from their freshest state and not in boxes or cans...and OFTEN not even from a jar..unless we fresh preserved it OR froze it ourselves!  Anyway, I was sick and had to go in and began on an antibiotic~pfui!

Tues~ I went to the YMCA and swam 40 minutes with hard aerobic jogging/laps/exercises with wts...went grocery shopping too~woot!

The new POE came about b/c I want to drop some wt fairly fast, and so I am dropping my calories to about 1600 for one week.  I don't think I can do it long term as the feelings of deprivation with get me, but in a short spurt I know I can with the Lord's help.  I am eating 6 small meals a day and drinking loads of water.  I hope this will jump start my metabolism so that I can get some weight off in the short run pretty fast!  THIS IS NOT a candybar OR grapefruit OR an all meat food plan~it's balanced with ALL the food groups in the freshest most whole state possible.  I will consume protein, bread (whole grain), milk(or milk products), fresh fruit, and fresh veggies along with good distilled water from our distiller.  It really tastes wonderful!  I hope to weigh in a few days to see how I've done~

Wed~POE going fine~doing light housekeeping and homeschooling today~got out to Youth group that night. Can't believe we are going sledding next week~oh well, Sister is NOT getting down the hill on a sled~THIS YEAR...but maybe next, Lord willing! I can DREAM!
Thurs~POE went fine although I did end up getting more food earlier than I had thought so when dinner was finished, I was DONE eating for the day having max'd out my calories for the day~Went to the YMCA to work out and then ran errands.  Loads of moving and grooving~I was beat, but I feel confident that my energy will improve over time and continued effort.
Fri~Okay, gonna slap this day right in here b/c I'm most likely to forget MY GOOD progress by next week's update~LOL...Headed to the YMCA and exercised in the water for 45 min and feel great~headed to the grocery(gotta get out and get that fresh stuff so it IS fresh!)...One thing is AMAZING~MY JEANS ARE LOOSER!! whhoooot! I'm eaten my food plan too~oh yeah!

Okay, this is my week~I have exercised 3/7 days which isn't too shabby for a fat girl~LOL!
How are you doing?  I'm taking it one day at a time~And you?

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Briana said...

Good job! The water workout sounds fun.

Our Homeschool Reviews said...

39lbs is awesome! I have so much trouble just losing! Great job this week!

Annie Kate said...

You're doing great! And I love the way you write--it cheers me up every time. :)

Now listen here, though, only do that 1600 calorie thing for one week, absolutely no longer. Been there, done that, and the consequences can be bad. I know about wanting to lose quickly, but I also know that undereating too long doesn't lead to any weight loss at all and can make you quite sick.

Sorry to be so bossy, but I want you to keep on succeeding. Here's to a great week!


Annie Kate

Michelle Smith said...

I's so excited you've been making so much progress toward your goals. Exercising 3 times a week is great. Most weeks that is all I can manage to fit into my schedule, too. I'm further impressed with how you're doing with your nutrition goals. Way to go!

Lorus! said...

3 times and you've been sick - I'll give you a gold star for that! I'm gonna have to get up now and do something tonight. I'm feeling like a cold is coming on, but really that's no excuse - so Wii - here I come!

lexi @ pink and orange coffee said...

3 times is better than no times! Congrats on the 39 loss total!

Now, as a newbie to this Fit Mommy Friday thing, what does POE mean?

Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

You're doing such a great job! I love the excitement in your "voice" as you talk about your accomplishments. :) Congrats on the weight loss, but even more so, congrats on the clothes being looser. ;)

Kelly said...

Good for you!