Monday, December 13, 2010

Blog Cruise: SisterT's KIDS Are Talking About Homeschooling....

Oh, SisterT is such a brave's been rough sometimes homeschooling her precious two..and the reviews have NOT always been positive from them...But she believes that overall in the future they will see the value of parental wisdom~it's her prayer and HOPE.  So without further adu~

For their considerations:
Why does your family Homeschool? 
What is your favorite part of homeschooling?  
What do you want to be when you grow up?

They answer on each~

Girl Thing One
Age 16

Boy Thing One
Age 15

So WHY does our family homeschool?
GTO~There are a lot of different reasons.  One would be religious reasons and you don't want the secular world to affect us.  My family wants me to have a more 'eloquent' education.  For bonding issues~you want to have a relationship with us.  And I think I've been too isolated by homeschooling, and I worry I am not going to be prepared.  The benefits are that homeschooling is flexible and convenient to parents. Parents choose the study materials and can choose what they want studied.  There are No limits to the linguistic selective subjects such as Spanish or French and you can have alternative choices such as Japanese, German or Russian. It's also not limited to selective teaching style. If a child is a visual learner, a child can be given visual learning or whatever is needed.

Is it more positive than negative?
Depends upon the child. Each child has different personalities.  Some personalities are more suited for homeschooling than others.  It will depend upon the child depending upon whether homeschooling is beneficial or harmful.

In what instances is homeschooling harmful?  If your child has problems developing socially or difficulties or has a warped view of reality or how the world works..isolation isn't as helpful b/c nowhere is the exposure the same and no flexibility available.  If I child doesn't know how to operate in a classroom or isn't disciplined in getting their work done on time schedules is a negative when looking at college. You have a whole standard of bar setting to measure up to kids you know nothing about.  It's a disadvantage socially.  I know the stat that hs kids are able to socialize with different age groups, but it's not like they can socialize on a deep level with those age groups due to the lack of exposure that 6 hrs a day in a select age group would offer such as in a public school classroom.

Please NOTE: I am having a discussion with my child on this, and our path may change some directions...

You may wonder why I am putting such honesty on my blog, but you must realize that we are people with feelings. It's good to share these WHATEVER they are for not only is it good to get them out between parent and child but also so others who are considering hsing aren't jaded if there's little negative or less glowing information out there.  The WHOLE truth and nothing but the truth~amen!!is essential for an honest eval of the situation. Thanks for understanding. Your prayers are appreciated...

BTO~ Our family homeschools to keep us out of the filth of the public school and to give us a better education. Also so you can spend more time with us.  So you can torture us in the ground and teach us more valuable skills! (He's grinning!)

What is your favorite part of homeschooling?
GTO~The fact I can do my school when I want to~no real schedule.  I don't have to wait on anyone like a single teacher; I can do it in the car or wherever.  If I'm struggling in an area, I can focus on it.  I liked volunteering for the library and going to drama.  I didn't really like the co-ops except for the art class.  Extra curricular activities were nice, but I wouldda been just as happy staying home.  

BTO~My favorite part of homeschooling is not putting up with the mean kids of public schools who try to beat up on you or brag a lot.  I like the flexible time schedule where I can make time to travel and do interesting stuff like play my game in between my studies.  I like holding my cat during school~but in public school this isn't possible...

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
GTO~Rephrase that question to "what do you want to do with your life?" I'm already grown up... I have a lot of different options and choosing which one is difficult.  I wanna be happy, and I wanna be a writer. 

 BTO~I want to be a retired old fellow when I am past 60.  I'm not going to live underneath your table.  I want to get a business degree and look for a job and wait for something in that field. 

Well, they weren't overly happy giving up this info...we have some discussions to have and hold...but here you have it~homeschooled teens with THEIR own thoughts...
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TerriG said...

Thank your kids for me, I enjoyed their answers. My kids would probably say the same things, depending on what day of the week it is. Mondays are not great days for us.

Lisa said...

I really enjoyed your children's comments. I especially like their blog names :)

Laura O said...

I love how teenagers can start being so philosophical and really present their point of view. Mine aren't quite there yet, but 13 yo son is making connections and observations.

As for don't get nearly as much of it at school as some might think. Of course, that depends on the classes and teachers. Co-ops can give that opportunity, which is why we've done them in the past. But if it isn't a good fit for the courses and who's teaching, it won't be a good experience overall.

Susan said...

As a public school grad, I actually envy some of the things my kiddos are able to do at home. The social advantages of going to school tend to be over-rated (and sometimes non-existent, depending on the school)---but the grass always seems greener, doesn't it? Praying for some fruitful discussions with your dear ones. {Hugs}