Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Bliss 2010: Day 8 ~ Family Stress

The holidays are supposed to be picture perfect~gorgeous decor, sweet and savory smells, cheer from everyone all through any gathering, and loads of EVERYTHING our little hearts desire~NOT...reality hits: Mama has to get Daddy to check all the bulbs in the string of Christmas lights b/c they're not working and it's necessary to hunt down the offending bulb!  The tree sits crooked b/c when the kids decorated it they failed to properly balance the ornaments~oh, and the ornaments are facing backwards, much less a little heavily concentrated in areas all clumped together...the house needs dejunking and decluttering! All those gifts and gift wrap are causing extra mess much less the fallout from all the crafting junk everywhere as gifts are finished up...the cat box reeks, the oven smokes and smells bad, well, the house just plain needs cleaning!  Laundry piles up as extra commitments take us away from our duties...and then, Great Auntie shows up to the holiday party with her exhusband who is a thief...yeah, and the family is a little put out with Auntie for bringing the sap along!  The baby cries extra and our tree is a little fancy schmancy gifts for ME under that tree~boohoo!

The word, "supposed" is the key here~It equals our expectations! BTW~SisterT might have some dire situations, but she didn't not air her dirty laundry just now~the above is ALL made up (thank the Lord! LOL)  But our expectations can put us in a pretty sour mood if we're not careful.  We can actually fail to see what blessings we have and enjoy all that is around us! Laying aside holiday expectations can go a long way in keeping our minds and hearts focused on the real meaning of the season, the Lord, Jesus Christ.  Looking up is the best vision ever!

Sooo are you suffering from EXPECTITIS this holiday season? Send the Great Physician a knee mail and hand it all over to Him for His great work.  He has a great payment play and the benefits are outta this world!

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Vickie said...

That was too funny! I was so picturing all of this over your way LOL LOVE the last paragraph. Knee mail!!! Awesome!

Lisa said...

I also was picturing this happening at your house. I have been to some gatherings that come close.

Debbie said...

Great Post!!! Thanks for the reminder of what is the most important this Christmas season.

Kelly said...

Thanks for keeping it real and keeping us focused. Stress during holidays seems to always be on the rise.

Wonder Mom said...

Hilariously encouraging words, Sister T!