Sunday, December 19, 2010

Blog Cruise: SisterT's Talking About HS LAWS in Her STATE

Nobody wants to get into trouble. SisterT likes to avoid troubles...and so she has researched her local homeschooling laws~in each state she has lived~they were each different too! Sooo first, I'd recommend checking with HSLDA for the ditty on hsing laws in your neck of the woods, then I'd double check with your local BOE.  I've honestly never found the BOE to be intrusive, but I don't tweak their cheeks either...I just live and let live within the law~

As for where I live and my states' laws~I'm following them...I keep records from year to year. Hard pressed, and it might be EXTREME, but I have ALL of their school work from year to year~oh yeah, having moved around lends itself to keeping this stuff~We do yearly evaluations and do a 'progress' report on the state approved form.  I don't do anything any different than the rest of the homeschoolers around here~contact your local hs organization for help on this too~fly under the radar and do the right things~it never pays to have to pay the law when its matter how silly or how much we disagree~

I'm keeping a list and transcript for highschool records for a college bound transcript...woot!

You can read the CREW                 to see what everyone is up to concerning this important part of HSing..!

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