Friday, December 3, 2010

Holiday Bliss 2010: Day 3~Let It Snow!

I don't think it has snowed three times in my WHOLE life prior to our moving just seven years ago~but we sure get our fair share here in the midwest.  I LOVE it!  Snow has a pretty glow and simple quality.  I've always thought it was very pretty~just never had to live in it much at all~although it did snow really heavy 21 years ago where I am from, and Christmas was on Sunday that year.  We had a candle light service with classical acoustic guitar playing Silent Night. It's probably my fave Christmas hymn. It was soo very serene and beautiful.

Last night we got our very first snow of the season, and today it has melted almost completely off.  But coming down last night, it was absolutely gorgeous!  The Christmas lights glistened in the frosty snow~soo pretty!!

I wish I had a pic...but no...I'm still HOPING that SANTA (wink) can SEEEEEE just how gooooooood SisterT has been..and bless her with a cool camera...LOL...LOL...

Hey, did you know that today IS the very last day of the CARMEX Moisture Tint GiveAway HERE?   Check out the other Christmas Bliss  HERE!


Stacie said...

Yeah, I grew up in the midwest and snow makes it way around every year! I'm so glad you enjoyed the first snow fall of the season.

Merry Christmas!

Lisa said...

I love snow too, but last year we had over 30" in Oct. & I think you deserve a camera!