Saturday, December 18, 2010

Holiday Bliss 2010: Day 18~Visiting and Guests

I can THANK my daughter for this!lol
You wanna get SisterT in a panic? Just call and say you're coming by or worse up! LOL...we are a messy bunch, and well, I just get all nervous when ppl come over~BUT...on the other side of that, I LOVE company~go figure! LOL....All this emotion EITHER way has got to be tied up in feeling like the home is a true reflection of skills and care for my family...and how in this world can I DO it all? It's nearly impossible, but when we get that call, IF I HAVE THE TIME, I will spruce it all up~even vacuum if I can~we have animals who are more human than some appreciate, and often this is a help...

Yesterday a precious couple came by and I had the time~kiddos helped...such a blessing! When they arrived, I was fully able to enjoy their visit.  I know it's shallow~perhaps this all stems from growing up in a home I was ashamed of? A home that was somewhat run down by my friends' homes?  I really disliked 'company' growing up for a good deal of it~but there did come a time when this superficial aspect improved..just so you know it wasn't always dismal...Anyway, there are so many societal expectations in visiting other ppl's homes...I truly hate visiting~no joke~and avoid it mostly for fear of embaressing ppl~or MYSELF...LOL...

But THIS YEAR~I'm prepared. I know that certain loving folks are coming~yes, and I'd be sad if they didn't...sooooooooooooo I'm preparing to have 'something to offer' like coffee or hot tea and something yummy...IT'S a southerner thing..."ya'll want a glass of tea?"  LOL...OR..."Have a piece of cake!"'s really true,,,the south is all about sharing this way, and I KNOW...I'm not living there right now, but...I'm a true southerner~whoot!!

I deeply enjoyed our friend's lovely visit.  It was very relaxing and special.

Sooooooo who's coming to your house?  OR where are you going???

BTW~I'm hunting some sugar free candy canes~seen any?? ;-))

This is Day 18 on the Holiday Bliss journey~you can join up and read mo  HERE!


Our Village is a Little Different said...

You make me laugh! Company comes to see YOU not your house! From what I've seen your home is full of love and pretty pieces that were picked out with care. I like to clean, anyway.. so I'm kind of OCD. I make sure the bathrooms and the kitchen are usually okay. The floors don't look as nice if I don't do them everyday. (or twice a day) I also keep a couple of large shopping bags in my pantry. You know how homeschooling leads to flat surface disease? (where every flat surface grows a paper or book) If I get an "I'm in the neighborhood." call, I can plop the papers and books into the shopping bags and put them in the closet for an hour or two. (but shhhh! it's a secret!! LOL)

Oh, go to amazon (dot) com and do a search for sugar free candy canes.. they have several kinds)

Lisa said...

You guys are so funny! I hate when we have flat surface disease! I need to be able to at least have a clear table and counters in the kitchen.

The Unsell Family said...

I can sooo relate to this post. I grew up in a home where everything had to be perfect all the time. I think because of that I have gone to other extreme- LOL! Our house is clean sanitary wise but well, it's messy. Having 6 kids and 2 pets doesn't help the matter but the truth of it all is, I just don't enjoy spending most of time straightening up day in and day out. I watched my mom and aunt dedicate most of their days to it and I would prefer to spend my time differently. I also don't want my kids to feel stressed about having to keep everything perfect either. But sometimes I think I do stress everyone out when we are going to have company. And I tend to panic if company announces they are coming right over or if someone just drops by. But I am just like you- I LOVE having company too.

By the way- I didn't know you were originally a southern gal. I originally grew up in CA but we have been living in the south for almost 17 years now. I LOVE southern hospitality.