Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Holiday Bliss 2010: Day 15 ~ Humbug Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

The holidays are the most difficult time of the year for some of us.  Grief, illness, limitations like finances and evern famiy discord can really create a terrible situation with all of the holiday expectations that are out there.  I mean, WHO can be happy about all the goodies and fattening foods when on a diet?  LOL...Especiall IF you wanna STAY on that diet and not fall prey to the guilt and shame of over eating and eating foods that are damaging to the body.  Ha~CAN you imagine I just called all that good looking and tasting stuff damaging to the body? Well, it's true...and the key, of course is moderation. But for me, it's not possible.  I flat out just don't KNOW how to moderate, SisterT doesn't.  AND my health depends upon me staying out of them...oh yes it does! AND also I can tell myself it's just a pipe dream that a "little won't hurt" which is a lie...some of us in this world are facing such odds...

Then there's family stuff.  Anybody had discord in the family?  Sometimes ppl and I mean, our kids, spouse, mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, cousins...ANYBODY just BE in a funk?  This time of year can breed that stuff~lack of sunshine and then the isolation of cold winter's chill..snow, ice, uh...YOU get the pic...

Alrighty~TIME TO STOP from my negative rant~LOL...and head into that Holiday Bliss~
Yeah, even when ole Scrooge is about~there's so much to feel and be blessed with~

First~I am here.  Oh yeah.  I am here. Sometimes, I'd rather be elsewhere, but for today and right now, I am here~born in this season of as God has intended and walking one minute step at a time...I'm thankful that as interesting as it would be, that I am was born in THIS time ...the modern age of technology and modern convenience.  As a lover of history, my curiosity often gets me where the past is concerned, but to have LIFE in this way and time is just AMAZING~I love all the modern things~having those glinty LED lights on my tree this year..I know what no lights is like (all had burned out and choices kept us from purchasing new when money was tighter...) but yeah, NEW LIGHTS is so cool! 

Second~God has blessed me with a wonderful family.  Yes, He has...INDIVIDUALS is just what He designed. Not a one of us is alike no matter how close our relation.  AND not only individual, but uniquely gifted.  Oh the talent God has instilled in His creations...Talents like art and music and well...there's so many!  But I am soo blessed by this in my family and what I can SEE in me...yeah, I think SisterT has a little herself..LOL...(okay, ya'll~no wise cracks!! LOL)

Third~Health.  Can you imagine the distress of illness this time of year? Well, God is good in that while I am not overtly healthy, I do have health...and happiness too...and a restricted food plan doesn't mean I can't eat AT ALL...did you know some ppl out there can't EAT A BITE?  Sooo I am thankful for what He has given...the ability to take insanely unhealthy recipes and reconfigure to something better for me and the family.  Sugar is insidious and can kill...ask any diabetic who fully understand the gravity of their, PTL SisterT isn't diabetic, but sugar is a problem...but He allowed ppl to come up with Splenda and all the other lovely substitutes..and this works well for all sorts of get the idea~I'm not eating sugar for health reasons.  I can bemoan this, or I can accept it.  I choose to accept it.

Money, money, money! Anybody suffering from the lack of it?  I definitely don't have ...okay, I am having trouble typing E N O U G H...b/c it's a lie...I DO have enough...but I am like everybody else: I WANT more! Yeah, I do.  No matter how blessed we are...and we are...I struggle with DIS-SATISFACTION...but, in my soul, God has told me..and I am working to accept it~I HAVE enough~that it all comes from HIM...and who is SisterT to question that? Well, I raise my head up defiantly and often will have the nerve to question...such sillyness~ooooh boy...that's dumb, isn't it?  Yeah, dumb...I have enough...yes, yes, yes!  Food, shelter and PLENTY of all that I need AND WANT...thankyou, God! (My mother REMINDS me that I have MORE than I WANT to clean...LOL...and she is soooooooooo right...yeah, she is! LOL)

Okay,,,I'm done being SCROOGE...baaaaaaaaaaaaaa Humbug!  LOL...back to B L I SS~
Check out the positive posts                   ! There's some really great crafts and eats and inspiration as well as decor posts...YOU WILL be blessed! (Even a Scrooge would be! LOL)


The Unsell Family said...

This is a wonderful post. Thanks for sharing your heart, Sister T! I am right there with you on the food issue. I have Fibromyaglia and need to be careful to not eat too much sugar and other such stuff or it can affect me, physically and emotionally. We had our cookie baking day today when we made cookies to put on trays for our neighbors and I have to say that I did better at the "sampling" part of it all this year than I have in the past but I still had more sugar than I should have. Anyways- it's a real struggle this time of year. I'm thinking next year our neighbors just might get a loaf of whole wheat bread from us. ;-) But oh- we do enjoy baking those cookies. LOL!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

You're the best, Sister T. I'll pray for you- that you find moderation easy, and that you'll remember your beautiful and wise words you've typed today any time you start to feel down.

I've had such a day.. Oh, what a day, and I love this post, because it is speaking right to my heart. I'm watching people I care about suffer, and while I'm not feeling like Scrooge, I'm definitely feeling so useless. I want to fix, and all I can do is pray and trust.

*hug* Blessings to you, and Merry CHRISTmas.

Lisa said...

Thanks for sharing. We all have our struggles in this life and if we could always remember to be thankful to God in all areas maybe we wouldn't have as many.