Monday, June 1, 2015

Math Mania...Still Praxis Core Prep

I am NOT a quitter.  In fact, I have always said, 'Can't NEVER COULD because can't didn't WANT TO' as a very good rationale for pressing on through obstacles.

And math is hard for me.

I must get a minimum score on the Praxis Core exam to gain admittance into my teacher ed program.  If you know much about SisterT, she's always struggled in math.  It's my worst subject ever! ALWAYS HAS BEEN...but...

I WANT to teach...

And so I am pressing on...

I thought you might be interested in the resources I'm finding that are so helpful.  First, Jolene Morris of has wonderful FREE flash cards with knowledge level information for the math prep of the test, but as part of her website, she has correlated some test questions and also some 'mini movies' on YouTube where she explains the concepts.  They are quick...about 2-7 minutes long and cover several topics grouped by type.  VERY orderly and sequential.  For $9.99 you can access all her prep stuff for 5 weeks...  Also I've found some math games to boost my mental math skills on Soft with loads of ed resources...a one minute math game...pretty cool!  I keep beating my score!  I have also been working on Khan Academy...I LOVE Sal Khan.  TY TY TY for such a dream as Khan Academy!  I can't say enough good about Khan Academy.  The way this site has developed over the years is incredible.  For an avid learner like myself, it's a dream.  I am not only studying math, but chemistry and have studies music as  is amazing!

I also want to mention my tutor, not by name, but by heart. She's got the heart of a teacher, While in the program of Early Childhood Ed and a peer, she's got real insight into the heart and mind of this student, and has worked to help me.  I'm FOREVER grateful!

Soo I wanted to update you all on my PROGRESS! AND PROGRESS IT IS!  Also, I am proud to announce a second semester of 4.0.  I am pumped about this, too!

NOW, to accomplish chemistry and this Praxis...Wish me luck!

Blessings to you ALL!

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