Monday, August 9, 2010

Blog Hop~NOT Back to School SCHOOL ROOM Week (Heart of the Matter)

Not Back to School Blog Hop

DISCLAIMER: I no longer have a dedicated school room, but my whole house is our school room~THE WORLD is our classroom!!

I have had a school room ONCE, and I found the room to be more trouble to keep clean and orderly than I did functional.  We like to be in the hub of things when we are schooling. Often I am multi-tasking even if it's just cooking, so keeping our books together is actually more important to the way we function than an actual room.  I do like the idea of a schoolroom with decorated walls and space! I just don't want to keep it up, AND I like sitting in my recliner. My kids like the couch and chairs!

When they were younger we had wooden armed school desks that we sat in our den, but in the last two homes we've schooled right here in the living room just like we did when they were small.  The only difference is that when they were littles I schooled them at the piano bench with tiny kid chairs on each end and ME in the middle! It worked pretty good for K and first grades. I could work between them both helping them both as they needed me!

I'm not AGAINST schoolrooms; I just find them unnecessary to the process!  I can find loads more things to put my energy and money into right now.  If schoolrooms are your thing, great! After having one, and then finding that it required UPKEEP and forethought to decorate and make functional, I gave up on the idea for a relaxed "everywhere is school" attitude! This attitude definitely came as part of a 10 year process and wasn't overnight.

I'm happy to see what others have done; as for me, I'm just going to concentrate ALL my energy, and some days it's not much, on the actual education~the kitchen table or couch is fine with us!

Read on to see everyone's ideas about schoolrooms HERE! You know mine! ;-))

 I decided to add some more pics of our schoolroom (HOUSE) LOL... IN ACTION~
TV is just for dvds...
We are under renovation~huge renovation~so this is a work in progress!
Dad studies here too!


Lynn said...

I so understand what you are saying. My schoolroom right now is a wreck! lol!!! We really use the schoolroom anymore, but it does make a good place to store stuff. I hope you have a great school year.


Heather said...

While I was looking through the hop, I was really conflicted--on one hand, I love the organized, dedicated schoolrooms--but on the other, we, too have had a great experience at the Kitchen table, and the kids all sprawled out on the floor....etc. The days I feel most successful homeschooling are ones where we also get outside! I like your shot--I bet that room isn't often that quiet looking:))It just looks so serene and welcoming!

Along the Narrow Pathway said...

I am enjoying blog. I am passing on two blog awards to you. You pick them up at:


Blossom said...

Nice! I have 'desks' that were given to us that are actual school desks and probably because they are new, the kids sit in those while doing majority of their school work but I'm with you the WORLD is our classroom!
Here is a link to where it used to be...the bookshelves still hold the books but there's no longer the big desks.

Jennifer said...

Relaxed, yes! "THE WORLD is our classroom!!" I will quote you on that.
I love the sonlight through the windows on your shiny floor.

Sheri said...

Well, knowing ya Sistah, I see your personality all over there and it is lovely. I love older homes (altho I don't live in one) and the charm they infuse into the home/family. Loving those bookshelves. I didn't even bother posting pics of the extra bkcase in the stair way going to the bsmt, nor the 2 huge boxes sitting down there waiting to be placed onto one...guess I need your super sturdy shelves cuz I could overload em in a heart beat! LOL I personally, needed a "Grand Central Station" area, esp. with such an open floor plan of a house....but we don't do "school" there all day-again-totally up to what works with each kid/fam. I am loving the blog hop and seeing into folks schooly areas. Fun! Have a great year ahead!