Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Entering and Hosting GiveAways~Some Ideas

I'm hosting a GiveAway HERE! and  keep an updated list of them on the tabs under the header HERE!  Be sure when you are entering these to check the blog for other current ones being hosted as there could be stuff we're missing b/c the links posted show just ONE entry at a time. I hope this helps us all max our ability to enter these and have more fun!


Up front, I'm no pro at this, but I have had ones that were not so successful in driving up my readership and so with that, I HOPE I've learned a few things.

1. Give enough time for readers to find it.

2. Be sure and give the END date/time. (Typo cost me this a little bit ago~now fixed!)

3. Post about the giveAway as much as you can on as many social networks as available.

4.  Pre Announce if possible~

5.  Set to post in a time frame your readers are most likely to find it~I think early wee-hrs of the morning equal early morning readers get a jump on entering!

6.  Link to all giveAways on the post (gotta do this and please forgive me as I'd forgotten)

7.  Find creative/cool ways of offering entries~the more the merrier!

8.  Use a random number generator OR other random method of selection so it's fair game for all.

9.  Add in signature line of emails while in progress.

10.  HAVE FUN creating the post~put the review/critique or whatever purpose of the giveAway for the vendor present with the giveAway so maximum draw is given.  Provide vendor with as much exposure as possible~I am guessing they will remember the attention to detail for further giveAway  opportunities.

What are your methods/ideas? Some of you are MASTERS OF GiveAway!! Whoohoo! (Thanks for having them~they are soo much fun!!)

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