Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Award: Beautiful Blogger~

On Facebook tonight I'm tooling down the home page of my profile to see that my friend, Jen at Creative Learners was given the Beautiful Blogger Award..I head over to congratulate this good friend, and .as I was reading, so excited for her...I read on to find ME~Oh! I am sooo honored! She has awarded it to ME!  I met her back two years ago when we were on the TOS Crew Maiden Voyage, and you won't find a sweeter gal! She has load of kiddos, is a great homeschooling mom with a wonderful ministry to homeschoolers in her community and through her blog...I could go on and on...but please go check out her blog~you will love it!

I am supposed to tell SEVEN things about ME...and pass this along to no more than 15 but somewhere around seven blogs I think are AWESOME!

FACTOIDS about ME: (STUFF you prob DON'T WANT to know...LOL)
1.  I love jewelery.  I "collect" mostly costume, but make it as well.  Can a girl have too much BLING? LOL
2.  We will soon~in a few weeks, be celebrating our 20th Wedding Anniv...who says opposites CAN'T make it?? LOL
3.  I grew up near the beach, but LOVE the mountains~dream of living in the Great Smokey Mountains one day! (I'll be sooo old that it will take an elevator to help me up the paths and hills, but hey...it's a DREAM!) LOL
4.  I dislike my mama's dog...I really do. I tolerate her, but she's 4lbs of yip...my BIG dog is soo sweet, but this little one is M E A N! LOL
5.  I like old movies, but dislike the tv and don't have one in the house...we watch the computer LOL
6.  My fave food is...ICECREAM! Fave flavor:  (anything BUT coffee...you can HAVE ALL MINE~ewww! LOL)
7. Secretly I DREAM of world travel...I'd like to visit Rome, England, China, Japan, Scotland, Australia, and Ireland in no particular order.  IF I COULD pick ONE~Probably ROME for its historical significance seconded by England.  (ANYONE feeling generous and wanna send me??? LOL..OK, scratch that~I'd NEED/DESIRE/WANT round trip tickets...LOL)

All American Family inspires me to game more with my kids by her sharing of her weekend Monopoly game!

The Ladybug Chronicles shares her special world of homeschooling.  She does loads of hands on stuff with her children to inspire us!  She's a special friend I met on the Maiden Voyage as well...these bonds are something else!! Like I said, they are very special!

Homeschooling Hearts and Minds is a dear friend that I met in a class two years ago and on Maiden Voyage as well...she is such a good mom with four littles who are just so cute~you will enjoy her blog~her humor is dry and shines right through!

Army of 5 is another dear friend from that first Crew.  She's a mom and has loads of animals that they love! I think she's awesome and loved reading about her blogging updates...her humor is funny too!

Train Up A Child  is another dear old friend, but let me say that I have laughed and laughed over her post for that ad contest! OH my! Well, I think her kiddos have a sense of humor too and IF I'm lucky, I might get a piece of ONE of her daughter's lovely cakes she bakes~the girl has talent! Whoohoo!  

Sunflower Schoolhouse has a really cool blog with loads of neat info and a FREE section~I love it!

Homeschooling, Autism and Stuff  has an informative blog where she shares her family and gives info on various special needs, particularly Autism.  She's another neat  lady I met on that first trip! ;-))

THANK YOU and Congrats to those I'm sharing this award with~whoohoo!


midwest mama said...

You are sooo sweeet! Thank you for the award!

I have to respond:
5. I love old movies, too, though we do have a TV (but no cable, satellite or broadcast reception)...we love Hulu (too bad it doesn't work with dial-up). Does anything work with dial-up? It'll kill me when we break down and get cable internet because I can't be without my internet.

6. I love coffee ice cream...but nobody else in my house does, so I never get it. My fave ice cream at Cold Stone Creamery is Mudpie Mojo---coffee ice cream mixed with crushed Oreos, almonds, peanut butter, fudge and whipped cream. I think I just gained 5 lbs. describing it.

7. We've been to Rome and England (Cambridge). Definitely go to Rome if you can ever manage it.


Honey said...


Thank you so much for the award. That was so kind of you.


All American x5 said...

Thanks so much for the award!!!

I finally got around to posting it.

You are so sweet.

Have a beautiful day!