Friday, August 27, 2010

Friday Farmgirls at Heart~Riding My Bike


It's not as good as a tractor, I'm sure, but riding a 3 wheel bike is loads of fun for this city-slicker farm girl at heart!  Oh what wonderful things I can see, really see as I pedal around the block of our neighborhood.  I really enjoyed riding this week since the weather broke with all the hot temperatures, and we're a tad cooler now!

I can see that autumn is coming quick with the slight chill in the air! Leaves have just a hint of changing color, and it's interesting to SEE more lovely things are in our neighborhood than in a car!

Our neighbor has loaded pear and peach trees and another an apple. Oh, if they only KNEW how much we love...but what's so exciting IS that we can plant just one of each in our yard because they will cross pollinate without our worrying to have to plant more than the one. Those fruit trees are very expensive! Whew! Well, so instead of "coveting" the unused fruit, I am thanking God that I see it, and we can plant and have some too!

Another neighbor was out with her little tiny granddaughter playing~how adorable to see the multi-generations getting on so well~ I bet that little girl loves her grandma!  Sweet!

And just when did the neighbor almost at the other end of the street reside his garage? It didn't look this good a few months ago!!

Well, taking these rides this week have been wonderful and what great exercise!

NOPE, it's not a tractor, and I'm not plowing a field ~ but I rode and had a blast!

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Illinois Lori said...

Oh, I just LOVE that bike!!! What a cool set of wheels!

We have a neighbor w/3 apple trees...and every year, all the apples ripen to a lovely blush pink/red, then over-ripen on the trees, then fall to the ground to rot. I am so tempted to knock on their door and ask if we might harvest them for her! Each year we drive about 3 hours north into Wisconsin to go apple picking so I can make and freeze applesauce for the winter. Oh, to have them right in my backyard! (We have no room.) That is wonderful that you can plant your own and not worry about the pollinating issue, what a blessing!

As for your neighbor's garage, I have to chuckle...I mis-read it, and thought you were asking since when did your neighbor reside (as in "live in") his garage!!! Glad he's making his home beautiful rather than becoming eccentric!

Have a blessed weekend,