Friday, August 13, 2010


Along the Narrow Path
has shared some neat awards with SisterT! WhOOhoo!

THANK YOU~thank you!!

As part,  I am to share 7 things about ME and pass them on to 7 bloggers who I esteem! Oh how fun! AND...Since there are two, I believe I'm going to pick 7 for each award! I find it hard to chose just seven, OK?? LOL!
About ME:
1. I am a southerner and PROUD of it LOL! GirlRaisedInTheSouth!
2. I've been blonde, brunette, and a redheaded...blonds definitely HAVE MO fun~lol!
3. I love most foods.  The exception is...tripe and other disgusting stuff... (IF you don't know~trust me, don't ask!
4. I am crafty~lol! (crochet, sewing, drawing, painting, beads, uh...??? LOL~if I WANT to, I usually can!)
5. My fave color is pink.
6. I'm a preacher's wife, and I teach kids at church often...
7. I DO NOT play the piano~lol..(YOU HAVE NO idea HOW MANY times I've been asked that!!) LOL
BONUS: I like cold weather! and HATE bugs!

OK, now to pass on this Sunshine Award~just looking at it makes me smile I want to honor those blogs that do this for me~I will say that this is a tough decision as I enjoy more than seven! Just know this, they're in no particular order~oh HOW hard THAT would be!

Homeschooling Hearts and Minds makes me chuckle because I enjoy reading about her littles! I get a kick out of them!Sooo cute!

Homeschooling on a Wing and a Prayer shines bright with her humor! I LOVE it!

Our Busy Homeschool has adorable children! I am partial to red-heads and cute ones at that! This is a neat blog!

The Cow Queen  literally cracks me up! OVER her followers she has written: "THE HERD" LOL...ROFL!

ElCloud Homeschool: Busy Minds, Busy Hands, Busy Feet is one I enjoy for her storytelling! The header grabs me too with ALL those feet ;-))

Patriots of the Republic Academy has precious children who love to do hands on stuff~precious!

Clothes Line Musings has a fun way of writing that brings me a chuckle!

For the SECOND AWARD, I am going to give this to blogs I like~for various reasons, and I will try to explain. Again, they are in particular order!

Until the Day Dawn has awesome content! I really enjoy reading her inspirations!

Plans 4 You has neat stuff to read too...has teenagers and I like reading about them as well as her love of farm/country stuff!

Training Up Children For Christ is a cool blog that I enjoy! READ ON!

Walking Home... is a neat blog with some cool stuff...I love it!

Mom Loves Books  inspires me to be a better ME! Thank you!

Ladybug Chronicles is a fantastic photographer~I LOVE her pics!

Peace Creek on the Prairie has some neat homeschooling resources and beautiful kiddos!


Beverly said...

Thank Sister T! I'm going to have to think on this. Coming up with the 7 things about me was the tough part! Now, I have to come up with 7 more!

Illinois Lori said...

Well, thank you, dear! I'm honored :-D

So, can I snag that graphic for my blog's sidebar? (I've never received an award before...{{{BLUSH}}})


Sheri said...

Ok, I will try to get this up on my blog this weekend! Thanks!

Very Blessed Mamma said...

Wow, thank you for choosing my blog to award!
What am I supposed to do now?(clueless, I know) I have never gotten an award before! lol)

Kristi said...

OH MY! Thank you so much. Again. Now the pressure is on.......not the pressure to pass the blog award on....but the pressure to keep making you chuckle.

I hope I don't choke!

BTW: I already have this week's blog posts lined up and feel bad about bumping any of them out of my week on organization. I will announce my winners on Saturday...... so just keep a drum roll rolling until then!

Kristi said...

I just posted my selected blog awards. You should go check them out. I chose some AMAZING blogs. :)