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Review: Digital Frog~The Digital Field Trip Series (Wetlands/Rainforest/Desert)

The Digital Field Trip Series
Digital Frog
AGES:  11and up

Cost: $125 HERE! (individual Home license is $60)
My take: I like it!

I received The Digital Field Trip Series from Digital Frog as part of The Old Schoolhouse Crew for review purposes for my honest review of this product with no monetary compensation.
Do you wanna hop around the world in an afternoon to visit some eco systems that without your own jet would be totally impossible?  With the click of a button your child can visit a wetland, a rain forest, and a desert habitats and learn all sorts of things about them interactively. You can also download pdf worksheets~soo cool!

This is a one DVD compilation of some interesting facts and interactive activities to learn about these places in our world.  You can join the Frogger Club and get demos on all three field trips to ck them out further HERE!  Each study can be purchased separately on in the set. 

System Requirements:
The DVD can be used on PC or Mac systems.
Minimum System Requirements
Macintosh—G3 300 , MAC OSX 10.3.9 or later, 30 MB MB of available RAM.
PC—Pentium II with Windows 2000, XP or Vista, 32 MB RAM (64 recommended).
You will need QuickTime on your computer and will be prompted to download it if you don't already have it.
Printer/Paper (for the worksheet extensions.) 

The Wetlands~Check out Cloud Lake's wetlands in  Algonquin Park, Canada!   In GA we have wetlands that are federally protected and you can't built or disturb them. It's been interesting learning about them via this DVD field trip.

You can explore and learn about bogs, their mechanism and how they are endangered.  There are several kinds which you learn about as well!  All the words are defined in this system and if you want to know their pronunciation you can click on the Say It Button on the definition box and it will do that~older struggling readers will like this because it will help them navigate the written information. A younger child will definitely need to be helped with the reading as there are some pretty big words and concepts.  You can help your younger child accomplish this~and for older kids(Jr/Sr high) it's a great study!

Virtually at a click you visit the bogs and wetlands~it's fun! It's a total of 80 screens that tell how wetlands work and what plants and animals live there, how they interact with each other through videos, exercises and hyperlinks along with text throughout the program that gives the information.  Also there is a Quick Tour feature to show you how to navigate it all!  A cool feature is Fast Finder and if you want to search for a specific thing, then type F and the navigation box will come up~easy!

The Rainforest is also included on this 3 program DVD set.  You can navigate to the Field Trip or explore the rainforest via the Study the Rainforest where you can see Animal Characteristics, Plant Characteristics or Dependency Web.  This is so fun!  Also you can get into the endangered Rainforests as well as the Mechanisms of the Rainforest.  Mechanism subtopics include: Rainforest Strata, Tree Fall Gaps, Succession and Seasonality and more...there's loads to see and do on this study. 

The Desert is the last of the series and is so sounds on this one~guess the desert is a quiet place! But in all the format is the same and there is so much to see and do! 

Digital Frog offers several DVD interactive lesson programs such as The Digital Frog 2.5 which is a interactive VIRTUAL dissection program to learn these components as one might in a biology class.  Click HERE to learn more about it!  I honestly hope to get this for high school biology next year! It looks great!

ScienceMatrix: Cell Structure and Function is offered as another interactive learning too that looks very cool.  You can get  this demo  HERE too! I wish I had had this when I took A&P in college a couple of yrs ago! Wow!

I Say:  Overall Digital Frog's The Digital Field Trip Series is a great deal for those wishing to study these habitats without the travel expense and details.  I can see it used in many ways to enhance studies or as a stand alone for a more tactile learner who loves the computer~Reading is definitely a needed skills so it's  a win for the older kids~the attention to detail and scientific info is not little kid looking~OLDERS will love it!
Check out what the Crew says HERE!

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Heidi said...

I was surprised at how much my youngest liked this one. The desert was his favorite, even without sound!

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