Thursday, October 28, 2010


When I was a little girl I always dreamed of becoming a mommy.  Little did I know that I would find myself unable to conceive a child after five years of marriage and in my early thirties.  God blessed us with adoption of precious children, but as an adoptive mother who is a Christian first and foremost, abortion for me has always been wrong.  You see, years ago before God provided our children, I looked into adoption.  Did you know that there are few unwanted babies, but that most children in need of adoptive homes here in the US are older children most often with either physical, mental-emotional problems OR waiting for homes with their siblings for families to love and care for them?  Oh believe me, my dream in the beginning was to hold my own little life~OUR baby, the one conceived of ourselves, but as time progressed my vision changed to include children who were older and well...(the rest is history...) But as we investigated adoption and found for us the costs so high for private domestic adoptions and the wait incredibly long~upwards of $25K and 3-5 years, we looked internationally.  International adoption was also an expensive endeavor with a long wait as well.  We never pursued either.  Instead we become foster parents.

Fostering was a joy in my life that was born out of pain and sorrow.  To foster, somebody's child was taken. To foster, a little person lost his or her mommy. To foster, there was pain in the giving back...but all the while we saw children who learned to love, who learned how to live and love and WE LEARNED so much...the greatest gift was our own two precious children.  I don't think I've ever shared these details about our family, but in seeing a film I want to share with you, it reminds me of HOW absolutely important children are to our lives! The abortion industry has robbed families like ourselves of parenting newborns as the demand is high and the provision is low.  Cost is driven upwards and families wait while babies are disposed of...I had heard that Norma McCorvey (ROE) had become a Christian and works tirelessly to end abortion in our nation.  While I am not sorry for adopting older children, I know that there are millions of babies killed that mothers LIKE ME would gladly accept with open arms...abortion has to end...and while children need MOMS and DADS~adoption is the answer. We must work not only to end the slaughter, but also to make ADOPTION acceptable in our society.  Birth Moms need to feel like they have given their babies a great gift~life...

Watch~you will be amazed.  WARNING: intense for young children!
Part 1.

Part 2.

Part 3.

Please consider the children~pray for them!
Thank you!

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Briana said...

We had a pastor who said that if you were born after Roe V Wade you were lucky to be alive. It is so sad how we look at children as a nuisance in this society!

My youngest brother is adopted and we always felt so lucky to have him in our family. My parents were also foster parents when I was growing up.