Friday, October 29, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday~SisterT's Week 1

First let me say, I don't feel so good with the bad cold I contracted this week, but I've stayed on track.  All week long I have eaten the way I am supposed to eat, drank my water and exercised as best I can (given my health.)

I am so excited to see these changes in my life~and to see what others are doing too!

My Goals for the 10 Weeks:

1. 6-8 oz glasses of good pure water each day~drunk at intervals throughout.
2. NO SUGAR whatsoever.  I am watching the carb/glycemic index of all foods, but no white sugary foods AT ALL.
3.  I will work my plan of eating as prescribed and do as my medical folks/oa folks encourage.
4.  With God's help, I will also continue to weigh and measure my food each day.
5.  I will work to remain completely HONEST in all my dealings with food.
6.  I will consciously get up and MOVE doing some sort of physical activity each day whether it's stair climbing (I have four staircases in our home, walking our dog to the corner and back, swimming at the indoor pool at the YMCA or otherwise hitting some other movement in my life.)
7.  Each day, I will pray to God to give me His acceptance for circumstances beyond my control, courage for circumstances that need change that I can do something with, and wisdom to KNOW what I need to leave alone and or fix...asking Him for a serene mind, heart, soul and spirit so that my body, mind and spirit will be healed.

I have a verse for us:

Psalm 94: 4,5

 I prayed to the Lord, and he answered me.
      He freed me from all my fears.
Those who look to him for help will be radiant with joy;
      no shadow of shame will darken their faces.  NLT

Since I have seven goals I will discuss each in detail of what I'm currently doing so you can know how this is working.
Drinking water is a thing I don't really love, but is necessary for health. I drink primarily distilled water from our Waterwise distiller that produces a gallon of absolutely GREAT pure tasting water for four hours of operation.  It's a slow process one drip at a time, but I am guessing a faster system would be more spency... We spent way more on bottled water and it wasn't nearly as clean tasting.  The plastic bottles can't be good for us either, so while I've not sworn off bottled water, I have better with this distiller.  Soo we live with the long processing time and are thankful for it!  I try to drink this water throughout the day and especially when hunger gets a hold of me.  I keep a mental check list in my head so I can keep up with it. 

My body does seem to work better when I am well hydrated.  Hydration helps everything from our organs to our looks!  I can't imagine WHY I don't really enjoy it, as a matter of fact I dislike drinking! I prefer the water to most everything, and generally ONLY drink water in a day...but my habit is NOT to drink enough. GOAL 1 addresses this habit..COMPLETED :-))

(You won't hear of me weighing each week either. I generally only weigh on doctor's appointments which are anywhere from 45-90 days. ( I have some health issues that require these visits.)  I am not a slave to the scale or obsessive about it.  I know that a daily weight  can be discouraging because our bodies fluctuate.  If my clothes are loosening and I am eating as planned, I will see results of wt loss.  In this challenge, will there be a "biggest looser?"  LOL...WE SHALL SEE.... Just remember it's OneDayAtaTime for me and all of us!
See you next week!!

(POST post: ha!! I see NOW I am supposed to do a daily entry~okay...will do it next time ;-)) BUT I was on the plan! Whooot!) Thanks gals ;-))


Briana said...

I don't weigh myself either and the last time I went to the doctor's office I didn't look when I was weighed.

Have you tried adding a slice of lemon or a bit of lemon juice to your water? That might make it taste better to you and it helps with detox when you are losing weight.

midwest mama said...

I don't even have a scale:-) Unless you count my Wii Fit balance board. You are doing great, buddy, keep it up. I hear you on the distilled water tasting better than bottled...I can't stand bottled water. We use a purifying picture, now, hoping to have an undercounter purifier soon. Hugs!

Anonymous said...

One day at a time...this is a great motto and one that we should all stick to.

It is a very long haul to change a lifestyle that has been so bad for our bodies, to one of healthy eating and exercise.

The psalm is just so wonderful!


Michelle Smith said...

Good job! Steady and slow is just fine. We have a water purifier so just drink purified water, sometimes with a bit of lemon or lime juice, or herb tea, or flavored stevia. A great way to drink water but have a little flavor once in a while. Thanks for sharing your Scripture verse. Oh, and I'm not going to weigh in often either! :)

Debra said...

I'm not weighing in either. Didn't even step on a scale at the start. And a daily check-in? Ummm, I missed that too. Ugh, I can't get anything right lately...

Anyway great job. Water is my biggest struggle, I think. Sounds like you have a great handle on it. :)

Pink Slippers said...

Wonderful goals...and I admire your decision not to weigh. It is TOO easy to get caught up in the weight and forget all about the health aspects. Love the bible verse, thank you for sharing.