Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review: LanSchool Home 7.4~Keepn' Up With the Kiddos

LanSchool Home 7.4
Classroom Management Software
Ages: Adult (Parent/Teacher)
Cost: $99 (home license)
My Take: I like it!

I always FEEL GREAT when I check up on my kids and find them doing the right things.  We parents WANT to know that they are doing the things that are good and wholesome and since the web has so many distractions and wayward things, it's great when tonight and in previous times I found them doing just that~the right thing! Tonight my daughter was streaming the Bible on her laptop to listen to as she is sleeping. I am so thankful to have this opportunity to KNOW that she's doing what is soo good.

LanSchool is educational teacher/student software with features such as chat/messaging, blocking, monitoring, showing students your screen and more~  For homeschoolers, I think that it is useful in many applications and well worth utilizing.  

I used this software to teach and to show them my computer, as well as to check up on them when they were doing independent study or just online.  There's a feeling of security knowing you can SEE what they're doing at any given moment, not that I don't trust, LanSchool provides the proof that I definitely can trust my students!

My review version, 7.4 version does have a limitation that annoyed me.  I wanted to stream an educational film and while my computer has sound, my kid's laptops did not.  My laptop audio is not loud enough without using additional speakers for them to hear.  I would LOVE to see this feature enabled in LanSchool especially for home use.  We use a good many films and interactive media and the ability to do this together with sound would be great!  I was so sure that 7.4 audio would work, and it was my problem I couldn't get it to that I called tech support. When I learned it's not a feature of this version, I was able to request the audio feature for the developers and tech support graciously said he'd pass on the information...Check out the NEW features of 7.5 ~ See that second one?? whhooooooohoo! I am excited~oh yeah...See what you can get?
  • Mac Feature Parity with Windows
  • Audio Chat, Listen and Broadcast
  • Multicast Video Distribution and Playback
  • Keystroke Alerting on Banned Words
  • New Wireless Protocol
  • Browser Independent Web Limiting and History
  • Remote Login
  • Clear Desktop Button
  • Limit CD/DVD Drives
  • Testing Enhancements
  • Dual Monitor Support
  • 20 Additional Customer and UI enhancements
 One of the greatest assets to LanSchool is their tech support.  I had problems from the get-go with how my new lap top was configured and then figuring out HOW to get it all to work~the support was timely, friendly and very helpful.  Without it, I'd have been LOST, and I'd say that the perk of three years of tech support with each home license is a huge benefit! Huge!

We liked using this software in our schooling and those who use their computers a lot, especially with older kids where you don't want them to KNOW you are checking up on them this will be so much help.  There are no arguments over my knowledge of what they do.  I just 'know.' And they know anytime Mom is able to pop in~and I have! It's been fun (well, for me, I'm sure...they don't seem to have minded either!)

Head on over to see what the Crew is saying about this cool program              !~WOW~what is not to LOVE!!

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