Friday, October 8, 2010

FREE: Flash Card Program

My daughter uses this to study her vocabulary words in both her English and foreign language studies.  Here's what she told me,

Here's the link to the program, Anki, which I used for flashcards. It has full customization ability, with different settings for time intervals. You can customize the appearance of your flashcards, with fonts, colors, etc. You can download uploaded sets of flashcards to use, such as French, Japanese, Spanish, and other language cards. You can set how many new flashcards you see each day, what to do with flashcards that you fail on, how often you see them, the maximum or minimum amount of time you can spend on each flashcard, the over-all amount of time allowed to spend on the flashcards, and various other useful things, like creating and saving your own flashcards to your computer, uploading them so other people can use them, or viewing your flashcard statistics on a chart, which gives you full detailed information on your progress and other tad bits of info. I know a web-flashcard program, which is just as useful as Anki. I prefer Anki, however, because you can download it, and use it even when you're without the internet. This program takes very little space to store on your computer. It's virtually nothing to store.
I am hoping you can use it too! The applications are endless~how about those multiplication tables??
SisterT :-))

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