Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Review: PG Key~Internet Watch Guard For PCs

PG Key
Ages: ALL
Cost: $99.99
Get ItHERE! or see below.
I say: Everyone NEEDS this tool!

Having teenagers can make a mama cringe when I think of all the dangers of the internet.  Seeming innocent trips into cyberspace can be so dangerous~not just for kids and teens either.  The other day, I was checking my own spam box of my email~ewww...nasty stuff!  But HOW did that junk get there? And what will protect my kids from innocently or not so innocently, but more curiously tripping into that kind of stuff?

Oh boy! I just hate to think of the dangers, but if you are like me with kids then you know that with all the potential dangers, SOMETHING IS NEEDED to protect and shield them when my eyes can't and don't see~
Enter PG Key! This is a little device that plugs into the port of the computer and does all kinds of things to assure safety for the user.

Features include:
Monitoring of the sites visited by the user.
Blocking of specific sites by the password holder.
Recording of everywhere the machine has been.
An automatic lock out of places you don't want your child to go.
AND so much more~

We think this will enable internet security to be so much stronger for every household.

From the website:

This is a wonderful plug in product for keeping children safe online.  You can purchase them in a variety of local places:  Office Max, Freys Electronics, or MicroCenter.

You can even get a FREE TRIAL of PG Key: HERE!

I received PG Key in exchange for my honest review without monetary compensation as part of the TOS Crew.
Head on over to try it out~

Read what the Crew says HERE!

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