Friday, October 29, 2010

Review: Say WHAT, YUCK? Gross Em' OUT or Play...Fun! Fun! Fun!

Yuck! Sticky, Saucy, Chunky and Snowy
Buckets O Fun
Ages:  K-adult

Price: $16.00 per LB (bulk prices lower)
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I say: LOADS of Fun potential in YUCK!

I received a sample of all the YUCK with the Science Experiment brochure w/instruction guide in exchange for my honest review without monetary compensation.
YUCK!  The word kinda says it all~I mean, WHAT in the world is it and WHY am I talking about something so gross sounding?  Yuck is a fun product that mimmics stuff NONE of us wants to talk about and yet find irresistible when it comes to fun and games!  It's a crystal grainy powder that when added to water will make up some unique substances that are either slimy, sticky or chunky. The textures are soo cool!Imagine grossing out teenagers in a youth group with YUCK  or pulling it out on a cold and rainy day to try some of the experiments offered?  I hauled YUCK into our youth group and  watched the big kids have a ball!  They loved it! It was so nasty looking and yet felt so cool that they loved it~we mixed up the YUCK and let them "play!" LOL...Well, you can imagine, right?  Six teenagers ~two semi adults(me and the other leader ha! ha!) uh...dare we admit??

Yuck was pretty easy to clean up too.  While water really won't clean it up because it causes more expansion, we used alcohol and dry paper towels which worked pretty good...we didn't EAT any either...LOL...Okay, we aren't supposed to have done that!! LOL

If you are involved with FUN activities with kids in anyway, go check out Buckets O Fun to see all the cool stuff they a Mom of teens and a youth leader in our church, I just love the game ideas for all the resources they offer.  Any child that's old enough NOT to try to eat YUCK is old enough to enjoy YUCK!  There's a safety sheet pdf included on the website as well as clean up instructions FYI.  It's really fun!

These products appeal to all ages from 5 to 95. Functions in schools, clubs, church groups, organizations, parties of all types including businesses will be more successful with BOF. Can you imagine the great memories that will be created playing Skeet Chicken with a Rubber Chicken or sliding down a Slip-n-Slide covered in Saucy Yuck? Our highest quality products along with a variety of creative ideas for their use will please you for many events now and in the future. As the market expands BOF will be in the forefront. Other products may come and go but BOF will expand utilizing the basics as a foundation.

If you want to try YUCK yourself,  Buckets O Fun offers a FREE sample of each YUCK!

Check out YUCK here to see a Yuck demonstration.

Go slime somebody~or better yet...get "revenge" (just kidding...LOL) ON the kiddos~What a perfect party or fun day activity...and homeschooling is soo much more than books and worksheets.  Laughing and playing are huge in building the bridges of love to seal the bonds of family!

Go YUCK 'em~they will love it! 
and while you're at it, check out what the CREW says             !

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Lynn said...

love your review. that's cool that you used it in a co-op setting