Sunday, November 21, 2010

Blog Cruise: SisterT's Talking About Holiday Traditions

It's definitely THAT time of year again~twinkling lights and searching for Christmas activities~uh...all ALL all kinds of busyness that can just make SisterT cross, I'm afraid.  I get all stressed, despite my best intentions of taking this slow and easy.  We seem to go from over booked and stressed to almost repelling the holidays without much effort or planning.  I'd like to see some balance~and so this year IS my chance to try that...BALANCE!

Seeking balance has looked different each year. A few years ago I got one of those pencil trees that can fit most anywhere~we have traditionally liked to decorate it~put out some nativities~and ALWAYS put candy canes on the tree...for a few years, we had no lights.  God has blessed us with lights this year~but I promise you, that trees look kinda cool and old fashioned without lights~A pretty paper chain works wonders for young children...our tree has children's toys and my kiddos handmade ornaments from when they were little.  Come to hear from my daughter this year that she LOVES this part.  I've begun putting some up for her for when she is grown, but she still likes seeing her memories each year.

In the past, when my kids were littles, we gave a gift each week in Dec preceding Christmas.  This reduced the shell shock of way too much on Christmas day AND they really enjoyed what they were given.  The last few years as we were in a debt reduction mode, gifts were limited so it was only a few~but they still enjoyed that too...this year, I've tucked a few things away for some Dec. fun!! Shhhh...don't tell 'em, okay?

One year, we went camping in a state park over the holiday.  We took two weeks there and for Christmas we were one of two families in the park besides the hosts during those days...what a fun time when Santa brought gifts UNDER the camper! LOL!! They had such a blast riding their new scooters over the paved narrow roads of the park~it was awesome!

Last year we made a trip leaving Christmas Eve after the candlelight service to drive 14 hours HOME...this year, Mama lives with us~no trip needed.  Ha~it was a hoot and definitely different!

For this year, we will be home and laid back.  In our early marriage~pre kiddos, hub and I would get a movie and relax in the den on an air mattress~how sweet it wasssssssss! LOL!!

tree going outside.
So you see, SisterT's family has few traditions~BUT~WE DO CELEBRATE, but it could end up looking like anything~well, maybe not ANYTHING...I'm not ready to...uh... (wait.  I just might be...LOL) Give me a double helping of BALANCE and can I leave the STRESS OUT please!!
Merry Christmas!! XXOO
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Michelle Smith said...

Sister Tipster, I answered your question on my blog, but basically the answer is that we started trying different oatcake recipes when we used Further Up, Further In by Cadron Creek a couple years ago. The one I usually make is kind of like a dense oat-filled biscuit. It has a little sugar in it, but not too much. Some recipes taste like oatmeal cookies. ;)

Debra said...

Balance. Oh, yeah. A double helping of balance sounds amazing.

Vickie said...

You should check into the 12-Week Holiday Planner for the Christian Family. This ebook (print only the pages you need/want) will help take the stress out of your holiday season :) (you can find it at the TOS store). Tells you week by week what you should be working on. No more stressing whether things got done or not LOL

God's Blessings (love the pencil tree)