Friday, November 26, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge: Day 26: ThanksGIVING and a Novelist is BORN!

SisterT has two...okay~more than two..but mentioning two things I'm really grateful for TODAY~
My daughter has completed her National Novel Writing Month novel~LAST NIGHT! Well, really 1AM this morning! WTG Girl Thing One! whooot!!

The second has to do with my eating plan~in order to become healthy and do well in life...I was able to maintain my plan of no sugar/white flour..yesterday making 7 weeks! WHOOT! This was a huge challenge for a gal who likes to eat~AND EAT FOOD...not cookies/pies/candy/cakes..but FOOD...and a holiday known as GOBBLE GOBBLE Day, did I have a chance?  Ha!! LOL! YES, with some planning and prayer...yes, God got me through and the focus wasn't the fact, it was just a meal...but the blessings were so grand...the reward of feeling GREAT afterwards...thank you, God!

With less than a week til this THANKING challenge is done, I'm a little misty eyed...but believe me, dear reader..SisterT has been really blessed reading all the other grateful posts..there's something transforming about gratitude in our lives. Do we need to continue? Huh?? Whaddaya think?  RING ON IN with your thoughts~AND...head on over HERE to read my friends who are grateful too!


Jennifer said...

Two awesome accomplishments! Congratulations to you and your daughter.

Guiding Light said...


Congrats to your daughter as well. My son is on track for finishing on the 30th. :-)

Jill said...

Congratulations! Two amazing feats. Your daughter must feel such a sense of accomplishment after finishing that big project. And you should feel very proud at maintaining your diet on such a big day!

Stacie said...

You go girls!! Congrats to you and your daughter.

Stacie said...

You go girls!! Congrats to you and your daughter.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

Wow, you ladies are amazing! Way to go! I'm sure Thanksgiving must have had it's tempting moments. You are awesome!

I've loved the gratitude challenge, and am definitely looking forward to a December one! I'm a fairly reluctant blogger, and need a purpose. This was more than that. There was a purpose, but it was so good for me!