Sunday, November 21, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge: Day 21: Bountiful WRAP UP~Delish Recipe!

SisterT's been busy! all began last spring with the garden hub and the kiddos planted in the back yard.  I told them to plant a larger one than last year, and that's what they did by almost double.  We were amazed at what we got from it.  More important, though was the wonderful things my mother and I made to eat fresh and preserve.  I've canned a little before, but mostly I've frozen in the chest freezer we were blessed by from friends at church when they shared with us their older one.  WOOT!

Here's what was put up for winter or made and we ate~

  • Tomatoes~stewed and frozen in qt bags~didn't count and ate our weight in fresh ones too!
  • Green tomato sweet and sour pickes~pint jars~didn't count...2 or 3 batches, though!
  • Red tomato ketchup~used Mrs. Wages mix and Splenda~1 batch.
  • Salsa~didn't can this, but ate it fresh.
  • Dill Pickles from Cucumbers
  • Bread and Butter Pickles from Cucumbers (few yellow crook necks thrown in for color...) Splenda used.
  • Yellow Crook Neck Squash Pickles (Splenda used.)
  • Pickle Relish (cucumber and with sugar~given to a friend who requested.)
  • Pears packed in juice
  • Pear Relish
  • Applesauce (no sweetner) in freezer
  • Pickled beets (didn't can, we ate these LOL!)
  • Pickled cauliflower (didn't can, but ate this too.)

WOW~this was loads of work, but soooooooo worth it! No wonder I'm WORN OUT lol~not really! It's such a kick to see how much we accomplished!  AND the taste can not be compared. I've posted some more info on canning the pears HERE and did quite a bit of research figuring out how to get this done.  I really used my freezer more in the past, but now I see how easy waterbath canning/preserving can be!  I also think that canned food has less potential of spoilage~not worrying about power outages or mechanical failure of an old freezer!!  So I am going to save the freezer for bread and other deals we find at the store. I am soo blessed to have a store where I can purchase whole grain~nut grain bread for FIFTY CENTS a loaf~we stock up frequently!! Also we purchase yogurt this way...a 4 or 6 pk will often be 89cents! NO JOKE!  I also purchase my meats this way~in bulk at rock bottom pricing.  Did you know about Thriving With No Green$?  Head over and ck it out~

My mother has an original recipe she came up with years ago we just love!  We use applesauce with fresh cranberries which I can only get this time of year~bought 10 bags for the freezer~

Betty's Holiday Fruit
  • 1 bag cranberries (fresh from the fruits/veggies aisle)
  • 1 qt applesauce (unsweetened)
  • 1 large fresh pineapple trimmed and chopped into tidbits (if bought~1 can tidbits in juice)
  • 1 Jello Sugar Free (cherry, cranberry or strawberry work best!~to your taste)
  • Splenda IF you want it.  I like it without.

Take the juice from the pineapple and put into sauce pot and make hot. Don't need much~about 2 tbs to 1/2 cup.  Use water if don't have so much juice or from the canned pineapple. Use a lid on low heat.
Sort and wash cranberries then put into juice and stew them with a lid on. LOW heat.
When hot, add jello with NO water. Add Splenda if you want it now.  Mix well. Don't break up the cranberries~they will do this as they cook.
When the cranberries are popped and stewed, add pineapple tidbits~turn off heat.
Add applesauce stir well.
Cool and then chill for DIVINE eats!
BEST cold.

I am so thankful to God for first making our garden grow. Without His blessing, we'd not have had this bounty! Thankful for the friends who shared the freezer and the fruit: Karen/Cliff, Terry/Carol and Steve...also my Mama for her recipe and talents in teaching this ole war horse (ME~ lol) HOW to can and do...oh yeah...this is great! AND for HUB and the KIDDOS for their willingness to work that plot of land we're so blessed with~

With all my bless-ed bragging, LOL~you have to know how much you all mean to me~the other grateful offer-ers who are taking this Gratitude Challenge right along with me~love you all dearly, and feel the bonds of friendship forming tightly and strong~YOU ROCK! God bless~have a beautiful day! HUGS!

Check out those friends HERE!


Guiding Light said...

My MIL cans and I hope to learn from her some day...I just need to get over there and do it! Blessings my friend!

Christi said...

I'm worn out just reading this. Sounds like God was good to you through a bountiful garden.

Prairiemaid said...

A good garden with a bountiful harvest is something to be very thankful for ~ especially today!

I love the fact, that we KNOW what we "haven't" used ~ like poisons, pesticides, etc.

May the work of your hands bless you all year!

The Unsell Family said...

You are an inspiration! I may have to try that Holiday fruit. It sounds delicious!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I'm so impressed by you amazing ladies grow things that you jar, pickle, stew, can and freeze. Great job!

Briana said...

What an awesome harvest you had!

Stacie said...

I am impressed, inspired, and thankful, too! Thank God for all you were able to grow and can and save and store.

I don't know the first thing about canning, BUT, I am now inspired to learn. Thanks!

Michelle Smith said...

What a wonderful supply of home-grown produce from your own garden you will be able to enjoy this winter!

All American x5 said...

I am a canner and I know the blessings it bestows upon you.

God is so great when it comes to gardening and canning:)

Beautiful work!!