Friday, November 19, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday: Week 4~Rolln' Rolln' Rolln'

SisterT is experiencing NEW vitality and strength since making the needed changes to her lifestyle~I definitely continue with nothing white and sugar free, while continuing to measure all my food keeping totals to around 2k calories a day eating three meals/no snacks, drinking water (not the best), but balanced (6 weeks tomorrow!! whooot!!).  I am generally eating something from every food group: protein, fat, carb, veg, milk EVERY meal...and it's working!! I am almost the energizer bunny~almost hyper! My outlook has changed to one of HOPE; my mind is clear and free of pervasive negative thoughts; and I am giving my life over to God OneDayAtaTime for His will and service in my life...and it's kept me quite busy.  Busy, busy, busy!  Sooo my recap today is that I've continued the plan~clothes are beginning to hang seriously~weigh in is Nov 30th and I feel peaceful.  God is good!

One of the keys to success has been willingness to make the needed changes in my life.  Desire doesn't do it all~I have to be willing to plan and then do that plan each and every time food is needed in my life.  Talk about a mine field! Ha~so many things are wrapped in our food and the choices we make from the emotional to the relational~think how often food is tied to people and places~EVENTS!  With willingness, I am in a constant state of "doing what it takes" to maintain my plan of eating.  One thing I've done in this area is to view food in its proper place: as fuel~nothing else.  I no longer allow food and my passions for it to dictate to me WHAT, WHERE, HOW or WHO I will eat with~meaning that while I do get involved with eating around others (certainly my family and some friends) and will eat at different places besides my spot at the kitchen table~the importance is not longer on those things, but rather I focus on food's healing, healthful, nourishing properties making sure that I am eating the WAY I am supposed to be, when I am supposed to...this is a whole different mindset...and about the celebrations with food thing~like the upcoming holiday of GRATEFULNESS~I've realized since food is a fuel~do I socialize at the GAS STATION?  NO, so am not going to OVER emphasize the foods of this event.  For me, this will take the focus off of creating a huge meal~over eating it~to making the focus really on my family and friends with the gratitude I feel in my heart.  We are planning a healthy meal with proper proportions and balances AND activities that center around our family~no more coma eating and passing out for us~I am hoping to have enough good weather to ride my bike that day with my family AND maybe go to a movie~wanna play some board games too!  THIS is going to be a fun day!

There are struggles with this kind of thinking.  This past week, God was incredibly gracious to make a way for me to continue the plan~my children had an event where food was going to be central (cast party-Sat night 12 MN) where loads of food where present and encouraged.  Also Sunday was our church's Thanksgiving meal~where ALL the great cooks do their thing annually!  Okay, I was worried.  I knew that without prior planning I'd be sunk.  Soooo how I handled them? God took care of the longing and desire for foods not healthy for me~yes, A MIRACLE! A total and complete miracle! But here's what happened: I had my dinner at 6:30 prior to the performance on the Saturday night and then had nothing but a bottled water during the party.  My nose and senses were presented with lovely smells of chocolate and other tempting things, but I had no desire for them~truly a miracle.  I also refrained from going NEAR them as far as my power was concerned~I stayed from the buffet tables and just remained in the fellowshipping areas.

On the Sunday, I awoke much later than normal due to the time we got home from the party, but still needing to eat breakfast and get to church.  I went a head and had my breakfast and then went to church with God letting me know that I didn't have to eat at noon with my church family~and I could fix a plate to bring home...okay, great plan..but then when I went to fix that plate~THERE WAS NOTHING THERE I could eat on my plan save what I had brought (veggie tray and fruit sauce)!  I knew that left overs in my own dishes would come home with me, so i left the buffet line and began visiting our church family~it had only been two hours since I had had my breakfast~waaaaaaaay too early to eat~this worked beautifully! I was so blessed by focusing on the people~wow! AND such a miracle had occurred in that I had total peace~my lunch was eaten at 3PM...God is good!

Another struggle in eating in a healthful, sound way is the family expectations surrounding foods, events and all~ that while my family doesn't share my problems, they are affected by them.  Family expectations will make doing Thanksgiving an interesting day~hence why I've negotiated the day's activities and food planning.  It won't be Thanksgiving for my hub without certain foods~won't be for most of us...key here for ME is balance and love for them while making sure I have what I need too. I am responsible for this~really.  

Okay, enough rambling.  I am going to continue this plan~keep moving and praying for God's will in my life and asking HIM not only to bless what I eat~but to give me direction for what and when.  He has plans for success and not of disaster~amen!

Go check out the inspiring stories HERE of folks on Fit Mommy Friday's challenge! whoot!


Prairiemaid said...

Glad this is working well for you!!! Sounds like you are doing awesome.


Anonymous said...

You are doing amazing!!!!

What an encouraging post you have written here.

I am now on the road to view food as fuel for this body and not attached it to anything else. And specially not to satisfy my emotional state.

Awesome much to think about, to be thankful for, to be inspired! :)


Pink Slippers said...

You are inspirational!!

Briana said...

You are doing so well!

For holidays, etc. I make my family's favorites along with a treat I can have. Then I don't feel deprived and they don't feel guilty that I don't get a treat.

You are going to do well next week!

Michelle Smith said...

Wow, you are doing an awesome job! I love how God is helping you through this--helping you focus on people and feeding your body with what it needs to be healthy! I'm really looking forward to seeing you meet your health goals. :)

Lorus! said...

SisterT - I am so proud of you! You are pressing onward!