Sunday, November 14, 2010

2010 Gratitude Challenge: Day 14 Pears, Plays and People!

Sorry to be posting so late. It was a late night or VERY early morning when we got done with the cast party with my kiddos and their drama group~but it's done and Sarah, Plain and Tall is now a wonderful memory! I am so thankful it's over~the last two weeks have been pretty intense for getting kids to the practices and crew meetings.  But I am so proud of the wonderful job they did~AMAZING group of homeschool teens who do community theater level performances! whoot~ Go ck out their website HERE
Here's a video they created about their mission~my kids aren't in it, but it's pretty good!  

I am also thankful for the two bushes of pears that were given to us today by our church friend. What a blessing he is to share, and this is an added blessing to the 45 qts of applesauce we put up earlier this summer! whoot!! We plan to pickle them (TRUST me, this is good!) and to also make pear relish~it's absolutely delish! NO JOKE and it's going to be the Splenda variety! Oh yeah!!

I am incredibly thankful for my church family.  We are a pastor family and our family goes out of their way to show that they love and care for us in so many ways...I have to be very careful not to mention a need or want...VERY careful...and I am just blown away by their love...why me? I will never understand such love or why God desired us to experience such...I never dreamed!

I know I'm way late in posting today's blessings~but trust me, I was out running the streets (LITERALLY!) when most folks were just turning over heading deeper into dreamland and then on with my day...I am really really blessed~3
Please head on over to read the others who are counting their blessings HERE! It's a Gratitude Challenge and you can participate~join on up~ it's fun!  BTW~head over to my CARMEX Skin Care Prize Pack: $52 value: ends quick~in just a few days...11/18  11:30PM EST  HERE!


Our Village is a Little Different said...

I just finished typing my post for day 15, and it seems I was writng about YOU! Maybe I should go edit it to add your picture. =)
I hope you enjoy your pears, your loving church family, and a nice rest!

Wild Crickets said...

Two blessings in one post! What a wonderful read! Congrats to your kids (and all the parents!) for all their hard work. And congrats on getting a wonderful gift of pears. Now go get some sleep! :)

Jennifer said...

A church family is such a wonderful blessing.
I'm interested in reading more about your Splenda pear relish.

Jodi said...

Yumm.. I love pears! It sounds like you are very blessed by your church family!