Friday, November 26, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday: WK 5: Lead Us NOT Into Tempation, BUT Deliver...

SisterT has made some serious changes since joining up with Fit Mommy just five weeks ago. In fact, my changes are just a tad longer in duration~seven weeks today (Thursday) where I have found myself controlling my compulsive over eating habits through a rigorous 12 step program, prayer, food plan and all the tools available to help me.  On Saturday, I celebrate 7 weeks without sugar and white flour.  Since that time, my energy has increased multi-fold! I am running around a little crazier than normal doing our errands and shopping as needed.  Life had gotten pretty tough for me~health issues were really keeping me down.  It's a long story, but severe obesity has it's challenges~and I'm feeling great. I began in ONE size of jeans and now I am able to zip and wear 3 sizes smaller!~I think I have this correctly. I began at size a and now wear a,b,c,...D!  IS this four or three? Either way it's a bunch! My wedding rings are falling off to the point I've hunted them in the bed where they had fallen now I'm wearing a band that's much smaller to hold them onto my finger!  My shirts are bagging...well, to be HONEST~I'm bagging! LOL...but this is  sooooooooo good! I'm feeling so pumped!

One day I will share my story of my journey with you all.  There is so much shame associated with obesity, and if you don't live like I have... then, well...something about the truth of walking in another's shoes applies here...but...I am not ready to tell you all just please understand...HOWEVER, I am praising God! Really this IS HIS victory in my life!

So my week went something like this:

Water and eating 2-2200 K each day.
No processed boxed/canned kinds of foods.
Increased exercise and movement.
Water~although I did drink a few diet sodas this week.  I am PURPOSELY keeping these on an occasional basis!

NOTE about ThanksGIVING: My day was not about food, but about having a good restful day.  We did have a nice meal that consisted of traditional foods that were prepared with whole~good ingredients of which I measured and watched portion wise.

I had:
Dressing measured and lower cal (if you wanna know, you can ask me ;-))
Gravy (broth with mushrooms)
small amount of sweet potato (just potato~no sugar or other stuff)
Fresh prepared greenbeans.
Fresh prepared collard greens (about 1/4 cup)
Betty's Holiday Fruit (freshly prepared cranberries/applesauce/pineapple with sugar free jello)
Pear relish (3 TBS) (sugar free)
Pumpkin stuff (sugar free pumpkin pie w/o crust)

I had been really concerned about over eating today~of course: Today is GOBBLE GOBBLE DAY for so many of us~and since I've left that life behind, I needed to plan, which I did.  Also I negotiated with the family what they would need/like for this day~they had stuff available to them I didn't touch, like mashed potatoes and gravy made with flour.  All in all it was a beautiful day~no STUFFING!! me~or the kind of food ;-)) I am really grateful to God for being able to have such a blessed day!

Sooo this next week: I AM~

Planning to add walking my dog daily.  Let's see how this's supposed to know tomorrow afternoon~uh...maybe not~we'll see!
and keep on my plan of eating...
~so far so good!

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momma24 said...

Wow!!! Congrats and great job!! Keep it up, you are inspiring a lot of people.