Sunday, November 7, 2010

Blog Cruise: SisterT's Talking About TRANSCRIPTS/HS Credits

This topic is one that's really important to me. I've got two teenagers rising towards graduation in a few years, SO I am supposed to be keeping track, right? Well to be quite honest, I am considering my options on this.  I have all their work and even have their grades and course works names, so it's just a matter really of typing something up...but in all reality, I am a little nervous about it.  We are truly hoping for college admission for both~while each are quite different academically.  I am going to basically duplicate a transcript format from the local public schools tailored with our school name and issue it upon their graduations plugging in all this info that I'm saving. 

One way I am hoping to validate this transcript is with good solid SAT scores.  We are going to take the PSAT next year, and daughter is beginning to study the prep book as well as the years of working on SAT vocab lists and all the upper level maths...I know some local kids have taken the GED.  I am hoping that we won't need that route. . . while it's credible, it's not what speaks of the kind of work they've done.

How are you preparing? Are ya thinking about it or doing something NOW about it? It gets here before ya know it~begin teaching with whatever goals you and your kiddos have~like my daughter KNOWING for years she was college bound! My thought is better prepared and not attend, than not prepared and trying to get IN!

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