Friday, November 5, 2010

Fit Mommy Friday: Week 2 Keeping Up With the Jones'

It's been a wild and crazy week! SisterT has been sick, but has run the roads EVERYDAY for a two hour commute for an extracurricular activity for the kiddos~aaaaaaand stayed THERE for about 6 hrs shopping til she dropped~oh yeah! But I did eat right and stayed on plan and walked a good bit.

Monday~I continued to drink water.  Had to pack our food (ALL FOUR OF US) for the entire time.  Did a bunch of running around and walking.

Tues~Continued to eat the plan...certain calories and combos of foods (no white anything and no sugar!) Continued the exercise.

Wed~Food was on target. Exercise beef'd up with yard work.  I raked and swept with the youth for a service project we did.

Thurs~Keeping up with my water and food.  I am also logging onto to track my food.  I have a terrible sinus infection~it wasn't a tooth (X-ray showed that from dentist) soo I feel rotten, but did get around some.  Today I did get a caffeine free diet coke...but I drank water for ALL the rest!

Fir~Still at it! Breakfast eaten and now almost time for lunch! Been working this morning, but will find some activity to get me moving! I'm feeling better all but this sinus thingy~It's wonderful when our body begins to recover! It's a long haul, but ONE DayAtATime it's doable!

I am working at some extra things where my plan is concerned:

1. I am eating breakfast everyday.  This is a huge change for me b/c in the past I didn't and ended up eating way too much for lunch and dinner.  (These are healthful meals of home cooked no sugar foods.)
Menu: Two eggs over easy; 1 cu grits (instant plain); 1 cu 2% milk, 1 piece of fruit (banana or plum or peach or...)  I've substituted one egg for 2 oz of turkey sausage (homemade); 1/2 cu grits for a 100 cal whole grain bread serving; milk for 80 or 50 cal no sugar yogurt; and the fruit as been fresh and whole OR I've eaten a recipe of cranberry/applesauce/fresh pineapple (1 cup) as a switch.  As you can see I AM EATING! When I didn't eat, my body held onto and MADE fat! Right now, I am losing consuming a little bit over 2k calories a day.  I know it sounds huge, and it is, but it's about 50-75% less than the calories to maintain my current weight.  REMEMBER that I don't weigh except about once a month or longer.  Next weigh in will be the end of this month. 

2.  I am hauling water with me~this is a huge help! (I discussed drinking distilled water (home done) most of the time. Although, I will drink good tasting other water if mine is unavailable!)

3.  I am hauling my food so that there are no hiddens in it~calories/sodium/'s all stuff I know about and trust. This is an area that means a lot on my plan.  I have glycemic restrictions for not just calories sake, but also b/c recently I was diagnosed with insulin resistance.  So if you think the hype about not exercising and being overweight IS just hype~it's not.  . . I've now successfully damaged my body.  In an attempt to avoid diabetes which my doctor assures me I don't have "yet" is my attempts at my lifestyle change! Today (Thurs) makes a total of four weeks of effort.  My clothes are hanging and well frankly, so is my's gotta hang to leave, I guess! LOL!! Sooo anyway, to focus on the food, I need healthy fresh as possible balanced food in the correct way, amount and foods and the like are not going to get it~but I also confess to eating most of my food from scratch.  LITERALLY.  We grow some and we buy a lot of fresh stuff~made sugar free catchup and green tomato pickles just last week!! AND my bread and butter pickles are sugar free (we made.)  We make our own spaghetti sauce, taco seasoning, sausage from ground turkey (I do eat beef, but no pork as a general rule. I've been known to refuse to eat something or pick it out.), I have made my own bread, but at this time have a lovely source for oat nut bread...

4.  I am up and going so much more.  TRUST ME, even though I'm not running or doing yoga, I've seen a huge increase in my activity~and I'm pooped now! LOL!!  To explain, when you get big, it's kinda hard to move a mountain every time you move, so it was a matter of difficulty to keep going and so gradually I have slowed down...this is changing~energy is picking up! whoot!!

5.  I am looking to God to help me eat when I supposed to and not to eat when I'm not~changing the kinds and amounts of food.  THIS IS THE BIGGEST change! Diets don't work, and so I am not dieting.  I dieted in the past~losing a significant amount to regain a bunch.  I am NOT dieting, but changing my life...for God!

When it's hard~like today when I was out, hungry and far from home (acceptable food) I remember:

"My grace is sufficient for thee.  My strength made perfect in weakness..." Jesus.

Okay, Lord..come on and FIX this! Often He does!! I was able to get home and stay on plan: OneDayAtaTime! AMEN!

Okay Fit Mommys~here's my week...too much car riding, but drama club will be over soon, and then I can resume life a little bit better!

Head on over HERE and ck out everyone's progress! whoot!!


Briana said...

Wow, you got a lot done this week! I hope the sinus infection clears up soon!

I make all of my own food right now and lug something for a snack or meal every time we go somewhere. It is a pain but worth it. I try to take a little more than I think I will need in case we are gone longer or I am just hungry.

I probably eat more than you! I eat a lot! I have a hard time seeing people who can eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast when I eat three eggs cooked in butter, a little chicken, at least a cup of carby veggies and a cup of non carby veggies and chicken broth.

From what I have read we need at least 2000 calories a day! So, anyway, good job!!!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful that you are moving and seeing results. I must tell you that what you are doing is really the only way to do it. I am a diabetic, so I know how hard it is to know exactly what you are eating.

Praying that this upcoming week will be more successful than the last one :-D


Heather @ Marine Corps Nomads said...

I think it's wonderful that you are placing this in God's hands. When we make lifestyle changes, it's much easier with the Lord's help.

We too pack food to take with us when we go out. We do it for different reasons, but the end results is the same - eating better.

Feel better soon!


I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

God Bless You :-)


Lorus! said...

I am proud of you! You have worked hard to stick with your plan with so much crazy stuff going on this week! Good job!

midwest mama said...

You are doing great! And you are so right about skipping breakfast and then eating too much later. When allow our bodies to become so hungry that we feel like we are starving, we tend to shovel it in when we get food, eating much more than what we really need to feel full.

I'm really proud of you. Keep up the good work!

Kelly said...

Good for you Sister T! I think you are doing awesome. As long as we keep on stepping toward our goals the Lord will meet us and carry us when we can't walk.

Wild Crickets said...

Wow! You go! I need a challenge like this. So far so good on WW till candy season began. Oh the candy... And it lasts until New Years!

Very Blessed Mamma said...

Sounds like you are doing really well.
Keep it up.
I am glad we are all doing this together.