Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Blog Walking

Two years ago I served on the TOS Crew, and I was invited back for the third year.  It is so much fun to be with such a neat group~many who I already know.  Michelle @  Beyond Silver and Gold... suggested a "Blog Walk" for everyone to get to know the TOS Crew with loads of new faces~how cool is this?!!    And so we are strolling along, chatting and visiting each other for some get to know ya time! Whoohoo! Go check out my CrewMates and see what's happening in their neck of the woods~ Oh and I just love the names of the blogs~such creativity...all are so different~definitely cream of the crop!! whoohoo!

Second Star to the Right and Straight On Until Morning has a beautiful beach scene with her precious littles in the header~looks like the love great books and reading; I recognize quite a few of her books in the sidebar!

I like  Reaping A Harvest 
for her beautiful colors and the whole look. Something about a dandelion to evoke memories of my own childhood and the innocence of the littles.  She's got three boys~precious boys.  I also enjoyed her organization of her posting.  Neat categories!  As of date, I had trouble following her blog; will send her a message ;-))

Pink & Orange Coffee Very creative color scheme, and  I happen to LOVE these colors!   Love her tag line~go ck it out!! And think that her blog is neat.  She's doing this "walk" too...awesome!

Live, Laugh, Learn! Loving the pictures, and here's a soul mate who LOVES Cheese Cake Factory~YOU GO GIRL!! And such beautiful little girls~The littlest has gorgeous curls! Very sweet and interesting!

Family Style School I totally enjoyed reading about her littlest's first haircut~amazing pics of his Daddy cutting his hair and how GOOD he was through the whole process! Such adorable kids, and love the header with the whole family~yup, family is WHERE it's at!! Go visit this precious family!

Surviving the Testosterone Just this title alone CRACKED ME UP~not sure what I'd find...LOL...but whoola, a blog about boys/sons! I love boys~have a son...don't get me wrong, girls are awesome too,,,but something about a son! Read this mom for some humor...Never Dull literally had me laughing~precious boys!

Mrs. Mandy's Musings This is a beautiful blog with gorgeous colors and butterfly!  But what struck me first is the link addy "empty me Lord" as quite beautiful.  Oh the heart of such a cry! I am heading back to read more...JOIN ME!

Showing a tremendous sense of humor, this mom at The Fantastic Five has an really cute pic of herself~you gotta go see! AND loads of  adorable pics of her children!

Refined Metals Academy KNOWS something cool: SWAGBUCKS! will earn you neat neat neat stuff! Her adorable children take center stage and I'm excited to meet her!

Just a Moment in Time has two littles~really littles and a monkey theme, LOVE it! Sending her a BIG HUG! Go visit!

Providence Farm has my mouth watering! Whoohoo! Go check them out for some homemade goodness~healthy too!!

I'm walking, yes indeed, I'm walking!! NICE to see everybody!

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