Saturday, June 26, 2010

12 Hrs Later, I AM BACK!

Oh yeah, taking care of me is huge...and it got way way too late last night.  In fact at almost three in the afternoon it's about 12 hrs since I went to up and went with my family to the flea market and to some garage sales. I am worn out, but not taking care of me...right now doesn't seem like much! But overall, in time IT COULD add up...B E W A R E! So with this, I know I must do better.

I also have to plan other ways of taking care of the details. I shouldn't ever be  slow to realize that a big picture viewpoint is good too~I need to do that too...but it's in the small itty bitty steps that accomplish the bigger picture...oh yeah!  I am looking at next year. We homeschool moms do that THIS time of year~in fact, we do it all throughout the year too.  I am planning to implement the TOS Crew review products into our year, but we have things we must accomplish for our highschool experience.  THIS IS GOING TO BE A FUN year and a hectic one too~hey, a little excitement is good, and we will NEVER get bored!

I got excited last night because my MIL taught my daughter how to make a homemade pie crust.  My girl makes the filling very well~she makes pumpkin pie from scratch as we freeze our own pumpkin from fresh each year..but it's great that Grandma spent this time showing her this wonderful skill! Thanks Grandma and our family sure enjoyed the pie after it was done! 

Taking care of the small things equals getting the big things DONE~what are you working on? ME?? Oh my...I have a you? Leave me a shout out ;-))

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