Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Photo Editing Contest~My Entry...and WHAT I Did

Brent Riggs of McKlinky Blog is hosting a photo editing contest.  Now I love this sort of thing, but being as frugal as I am, I used a freebie internet resource to edit my pictures called Picnik that my teenage daughter showed me one day.  I love Picnic!! Here's the photo we were given of Brent's daughter, Abby who is so precious.  Abby is fighting cancer.  Please remember her in your prayers!
See any changes? What do you think? Abby's eyes and smile stand out to me and I wanted to highlight them as she is such an inspiration to many and a precious child of God. 

What I did was cropped the picture and rotated it.  It actually took three crops before I found what I hope show her spirit and sweetness the most, her face! I did think that the streamer and children running in the background give the photo context of why she is so happy, so I tried to leave in the school and kids running. I did like the boy who can be seen larger than the other children, but because of the cropping and limited feature in picnic in the free version, I couldn't adequately edit out the adult next to him, so he was cropped away.

To fill out Abby's precious face, I used a feature called Orton.  I used "bloom" and then used the lights.  I also used a feature that will black and white the back ground but bring up the color of a chosen focal area~for this picture, it's Abby's face.

This is the editing my daughter did. She couldn't resist...she's 15 :-)).


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Lexi said...

She is a beautiful little girl, and I love that you were able to use Picnic. I totally forgot about them!