Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday Talkn' About Teens~Dreaming!

Dreams are more than what happens to us in our sleep.  They are well crafted desires that enlist an action on our part to get something DONE~and my daughter has dreams, BIG dreams! She wants to live in Japan one day and be a writer.  Now as to order of these dreams, I can't say...I just know that at 15 she is chasing the elusive star as hard as she can in learning the Japanese language and studying the culture, as well as writing and attempting to sharpen her skills as she does.  She has entered a writing contest which we are quite proud of~while the entry isn't a "all roses and light" kind of story, it is well written and leaves one going..hmmm....

It's amazing when our teens LOVE and pursue something that is a desire and son, while he's not voiced it more than once has said he might play his trumpet for a this way I hear him practice multiple times a day?

 As much as we think we can drive our teens to go after something, it really turns into what it is that they WANT~their own vision of their future lives...where they see themselves as adults.

Well, at least mine have noble aims...they could wanna be  a ditch digger~which IF this is where they end up or what they pursue, I pray that honesty and nobleness of character will be their motto as with any other thing they do.

Our kids are dreaming~
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