Thursday, June 3, 2010

Thursay Talk'n About Teens Work Ethics~

I think we've given a FREE PASS to most kids in our country.  If you doubt me, then check out the marketing done to the teens by huge companies to capture THEIR money~did I say that? THEIR money? What money? You mean, MY money, right? It's parents who dole out the big bucks for let me see: hair, nails, cell phones, ipods, cars, car insurance, uh...designer I preaching to the choir here? Are you one who doesn't indulge your kid? Well, if you are like we are, you live on a one income living~so it's tough to hand over big buck to the kiddos for... uh... uh... frivolities! And sooo what does work ethic have to do with the  spending of teens? Teenagers who are taught how to manage money from an early age will WORK.  Oh yeah they will...and so do we for WHAT WE WANT~figure it this way: Adult WORKS~adult gets PAID.  Not too many...oops, almost a lie... there are loads of people who STILL work for what they have! Teaching our kiddos HOW to work and the value of it is INVALUABLE.  As parents, we will never worry that our kid is hungry or homeless.

My kiddos know how to work and I am very proud.  Does this mean they don't get "nice" things? Of course not! It means that they earn what they get and are quite proud of it~AND take extremely good care because of THEIR investment.

Today, both kids went out to our little garden (really a patch) weeding and caring for the plants. Later today, they will go into the basement that will be finished as new bedrooms for them (THEIR DESIRES) to begin construction.  What an investment and value they are contributing along with the vast knowledge of doing such a project!

I bet my girl won't be interested in a fella who doesn't KNOW work...I wasn't.  First thing I did was check out my hub's hands..."working mans hands..." is what I said and oh la la...I knew he had a very good quality.  When we teach our teens work ethics it will breed into future generations a love of the necessary for all areas of life.  I am so proud of their work ethics.  YOU GO girl thing One and boy thing One! Woot!!

Click on the TTAT button to read an inspiring story of a young man beginning a cottage industry~boy do I need him to do MINE! You go!



IllinoisLori said...

I LOL'd when I read how you looked for "workin' man hands" when you met your dh!!!

Doing a remodeling project is such a great experience for your kids!

Thanks for joining in this week :-)
Lori at Plans4You
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SisterTipster said...

Yeah, Lori...the thought of HIS being softer than mine...ewww.... LOL! Glad you stopped by ;-))