Saturday, June 26, 2010

Taking Time

I can get sooo busy, can't you? I mean, we can really work ourselves into a tither with all the busyness in our lives and forget the truly important.  I need to constantly be reminded to take care of ME and the important things in our lives. Things like fixing truly healthy food to eat and even taking the time to eat it! ha! Ever run out of time to EAT and needed to eat,  but had no time so you grabbed something along the way? I try so hard to take time to make sure all these areas are taken care, but sometimes...well, the other day I snagged a banana and headed out the door! NOT smart when my body was needing more...then there's the sleeplessness that I ...OK, so I am a night owl! But I will do better...opps, looking at the time..gonna wrap this up and come back tomorrow! NIGHT!

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