Sunday, June 20, 2010

Honoring Dads

Later today it will be daylight and we will celebrate Father's Day 2010.  First I want to wish my husband a Happy Father's Day~love you hub!
So what are you doing to honor your father?  We are heading to church to hear THIS preacher tell it all about the family. We have planned a special meal with him afterward, and a time of rest...Give me a shout out about your plans! ;-))

From the old blog:
It’s Father’s Day 2009, and I want to say that Daddys are a special kind of man.  I know; I’ve got two, ONE whose been married to my Mama for over fifty years and MY husband who is Daddy to our children. 

D~Devoted.  Dads are this to the core.  Oh any "man" can father a child, but devotion is straight from a Daddy’s heart.  A picture tells a tale when you look at one of our wedding photos.  It’s the one of my Father walking me down the aisle. . .just "out the gate" from the back . . . a study of his face tells it all.  He’s NOT a happy man~he is "giving away" his little girl.  Daddys do this sort of thing and FEEL this sort of thing.  They are true and loyal to the core, working day in and day out to provide, protect and preserve their families. Dedication is the first D is Daddy.

A~Active  Daddys involved in their families and homes are touching the pulse of the heart of each family member. Active love, Active faith, Active care and concern are at the core of ALL that he does each moment of every day for his wife and children. Daddyism isn’t passive.  THERE’S TOO MUCH to be done! He’s going, going and gone with each child each step and mile to hear, support, guide, provide, stay alive…yeah, I think this "stay alive" applies to Daddy’s with teenagers~YIKES! But even Daddys with teeny tiny babes in arms are active to nurture and snuggle so that little bundle knows his love and care.  Active is the A is DAddy!

D~Dreaming Yeah, I said DREAMING! Where would our children be without the dreams held for their futures? Daddys thinking and praying long and hard with Mamas are considering the past, present and dreaming of futures for their people (kids), making plans, promises, and persuits.  Where there is no vision the people perish, and where there is no dreaming Daddy, the family is directionsless.  Homeschooling Daddys and Mamas know dreaming well.  It began with the decision to home educate and continues with each passing year as we evaluate and structure to meet goals and needs along the way.  In each area of the life of the family, dreaming is essential for a sound progression into the future.  Children benefit from it, thereby society benefits from it.  Dreaming is the second D in DaDdy!

D~Determined "I don’t want to!" "no" "nope" What Daddy hasn’t faced these words out of the mouth of HIS babes?  AND facing such opposition, his determination to stand in truth against such behavior is essential to the healthy setting of limits for the children in his family.  Oh opposition doesn’t just come from the children either, but this ole world is ringing and clamoring to steal what is rightfully Daddy’s own home and family, so that without solid determination, the wolf at the door might get inside to wreck and ruin the precious occupants entrusted to his care.  Daddys are stalward, strong, steel-like and striking with a stretch here or there to keep the enemy out and the family safe.  Determination is exercised in work and play~all areas. . . What man really LOVES working with the sweat of his brow all THAT much? If we humans could have a life of ease, surely man would take this option rather than labor from dawn til dusk until death comes creeping upon him. . .but determined Daddys stand the test each and every time, tempted and tried~proven and able.  Determined~yes! This is the third D in DadDy!

Y~Yielding to God  Only last because of it’s letter, yielding to God is such a crucial part of being a Daddy.  Hearing the Heavenly Father’s voice in his ear as Daddy lives out his faith before his family.  Does God speak to Daddys? Oh yes, and God’s Word is alive and applicable to everyday life for the family of which Daddys are head.  Daddys must hear and obey God to teach his children proper reverence for God~the Heavenly Father and Creator of the Universe.  Our lives speak so loudly that our children cannont hear our words.  This is very true with Daddys.  So goes the spiritual walk of Daddy~goes the walk of the family.  The Bible has many promises for the man who walks upright before God in his family, but the man with unrepented sins in his heart has the curse of the effects of sin following future generations.  The Bible says to the third and fourth. WOW~that’s somewhere around 150 years to be followed by negative effects.  But a man who walks in the ways of God training his children to follow the Lord, the blessings of a Christian family belong to him.  Daddys must yield to God, and in tern teach the ways of God to their children leading and guiding their homes.  Y is really a first priority for every DaddY!
It’s my prayer that each Daddy have a  restful and happy day today! OK Moms, help those kids honor Dad!


midwest mama said...

My poor hubby is spending the afternoon painting in 90 degree heat at our "new" house Not exactly the Father's Day tribute I had in mind. We will have a special meal this evening, though.

TerriG said...

My poor hubby had a mountain of yardwork to do and he did it. I can't believe your post is so similar to the one I posted today on my blog about my father. I had never seen a post like this. We must think alike.