Thursday, July 15, 2010

From the MIND OF BRENT~Modern Language Dec of Indpendance AND Bill of Rights Along with Originals

If you don't know Brent Riggs, you are missing a treat! Brent is the creator of LinkyTools which many use on a frequent basis for blogging lists and Serious Life Magazine as well as other endeavors such as blog critiques and photo editing contests. He hosts:

Build A Better Blog

Serious Faith
On Building A Better Life

Riggs Family Blog

along with The Mind of Brent on BlogTalk Radiowhich is a live streaming talk radio program which is awesome! You will LOVE Brent for offering us a modern language rendition of two of the most famous US documents Brent's Declaration of Independence and Brent's Bill of Rights!! I can see these being so useful in our homeschool pursuits and goals. People today in the general have difficulty with the original language of the era in which these documents were penned.  Brent has solved this for all! Enjoy and share!

God BLESS America and Thank You Brent for all you do! We are praying for Abby!

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