Monday, July 19, 2010

Marriage, God's Way NOT Man's Way

Marriage began in the garden with God performing the FIRST marriage ceremony. While humanistic political worldly idealists seek to change what God BEGAN, there are efforts to maintain the rights of the family in our nation. Others want their 'unions' recognized by the government and God, but it's not as it was in the beginning, but rather an interpretation to gain rights legitimizing alternatives to the plan of God.  NO! NO! NO, This must not be done!  Of course, I cannot tell people who to love, but I know who can, and HE did not ordain homosexual relationship or condone them, but rather He condemns them in His Word, the Bible...

The National Organization for Marriage is hosting the Summer For Marriage Tour in our nation and you can get out to support God's Way and MARRIAGE HERE looking up where in your area and praying for those who will be attending!  God will not be mocked and whatever we sow we will reap.  We must stand for God and His ways which are higher than ours!

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