Saturday, July 31, 2010

Friday Farmgirls at Heart~Country Kitchen

I do LOVE country stuff.  One thing I enjoy is the farming that goes on in our area. We have loads of fields that depending upon the season can be dismal and unused, but if it's warm outside, the fields are usually full with crops!

So I sort of have a country thing going on in my kitchen.  I love roosters so these are especially farm inspired! I like males and females~the hens aren 't as colorful, but if mama isn't happy! HENCE I added the hens!  All but one of my chickens are packed safely away, but soon that storage space will be gone though  and it will be necessary to open every box and space to see JUST WHAT is there!! I think everyone will be surprised how few chickens I have out compared to the number I have in the past. The rooster picture is a gift from a dear friend that she did for me~Isn't he beautiful?

I just realized that it's now Saturday, but I'm going on and posting anyway~today was really busy!

But mostly what I wanted to say is that not only do I love the country lifestyle, I love most things country. I found myself salivating over an old drop leaf table today at a thrift store for a song~yeah, I bought the thing!! My friend wanted to know if I was going to refinish it and I said I wasn't.  I love the rustic look of things! So now it's off to post the OLD table (which is newer) on Freecycle! Somebody can use it, I'm sure!!

I love "found" stuff to decorate and use for functionality. I am planning to use baskets in some cabinetry my hub is going to build for our kitchen.  Country decor is so much fun that these things make it all the more country!

This is the old table I am gifting to someone who can use it.  See the back door? Today I have a different door with stained glass which is frosted and clear beveled glass. 

 Here is a newest addition to the kitchen~curtains that I made!

 A country stove and pie safe storage~see the basket? I store onions in this one and tators in another you can't see!

The country is inside this gal's heart! What are your country ideas and tastes?


Illinois Lori said...

Hands down, my favorite is that awesome STOVE!!! I have seen those many times, and salivate over them. Love the pie safe, too...I have one that is in the basement homeschool area, it used to be our "school cabinet" when the boys were little!


Katia said...

Sorry I couldn't get here sooner, I had company from out of town since last Saturday....then it was a busy week.
Beautiful stove an curtains. Your home ideas are wonderful and functional.