Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thursday Talkn' About Teens: Driving Dad...

So our teenager is driving! CLEAR the roads, folks!! She's off and going~not so fast and not soo furious!  Her Daddy is in the bucket seat next to her and off they goooo...I'm GLAD it isn't me...oh yeah, I am! She's not sure and she is slow moving....

But she is learning! She loves it!

All the dreams of the open road are hers, and she's gaining confidence that NOW she's correcting MY driving~by the book~HA! Guess I'll have to walk or ride in the back. BACK of the pickup that is..cause my girl is D R I V I N G!!

WATCH OUT! lol!!

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IllinoisLori said...

Yep, I know that feeling! Bryan is an awesome driver, though, careful and properly defensive (we have mostly crazies out here). He ought to be...I taught him, LOL! I think my only time where I was actually fearful was when he pulled onto the Interstate for the first time. Here in Chicagoland traffic is extremely heavy, highways are 4 lanes oftentimes, and it goes FAST. But we're all still here!