Thursday, July 22, 2010

TOS Crew Blog Walk: WEEK 6

I'm walkn' yes indeed, I'm walkn' to visit my crewmates and won't you join me? Tell 'em SisterT sent ya!

First up is Deanna's Corner where she writes of her life with her family and does lots of book reviews! I envy anyone who loves books this much! She shared a great trip to Biltmore and some gorgeous pics of scenery in NC~wow!

Light, Liberty and Learning has some really pretty children, and she is a huge book fan! I think most of us are because you can see many of us on CREW talk about our books a LOT!  I love the quotes she found on the bags~I like bags too!! I never carry a purse, but I almost always have a BAG!

I love a beautiful picture and  Bunny Trails has drawn me in with her Wordless Wednesday posted picture. Oh such a pretty dandelion with it's delicate whispering self...what beauty in a weed! I can relate to her post about the unseen fruit in her child's life as she as well as I am navigating the torrid waters of the teenage years! God give us ALL the strength to hold tight to the stern and continue sailing...

Flowers 'N' Plaid has a set of gorgeous pictures of her daughter and finance' that are so sweet! I love great pictures!

I love the layout of Gadow Ohana with it's clean lines and unclutterd look...I think I need lessons! OK~I know ohana means family~LILO taught me this...

Father's day was a special family pic day for His Wonderful Works where she shares just how adorable her family is with such sweet pictures! She shares some of the amazing things God is doing in her life that she never thought would happen like homeschooling and being a stay at home mom~amazing that HIS plans are surprising aren't they?

When I think of the goal of homeschooling the word Expand easily comes to mind as something I definitely WANT for my children. I want their spirits and educations to expand into a full and wonderful life! This blogger has an IT guy for a hub~(LUCKY HER!)

I've been dying to learn digital scrapbooking b/c I love layout and design! I made my header but I'd love to learn to do more! Confessions of a Homeschooler offers some info on digi-scapbooking and loads of FREE printables! I love her generosity and talent~you go girl!! whoohoo! She's got a cool giveAway going on too

The Sojouner is a gal after my own heart with her jacuzi spa book reading and her THRIFT grocery shopping and food preservation! I'm lovn' it!

If you want a chuckle, check out A Full Heart for her wordless Wed pic...oh yeah...

Sailing on...NOPE, I'm walkn' on water! LOL!!

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