Thursday, July 15, 2010

Struggling in ALMOST Everything...kwim?

It's a hot and miserable summer! Several changes have overtaken me this summer and I am not handling them as well as I'd like! First my mother has moved in with us. I love her dearly, but the emotional overlay that can occur at times is quite frustrating! I won't go much further than that, but if you have a parent living with you, you probably understand some of what I'm going through...THEN take the UNPERFECT family that we are and how hard homeschooling teenagers can be! I love my children and so much is hard with this stage of their lives AND MINE~won't say much more, but we are clicking and grooving...we'll make it, I'm sure!

Then take on the homeschooling CHOICES for this coming year! I have some decisions to make, but but but IT'S STILL SUMMER~
however, we need to get busy~light's burning and the fall with drama is sooo busy! 
So I'm off here to get going...


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Sheri said...

well if this helps-I managed to survive 2 teens already and am on my 3rd (soon to be 16) and [I am still alive to tell ya! LOL] even tho some days you wanna run and hide cuz you think your kid has been replaced by some alien from the planet of IHATEPARENTS, most are not so fact, I enjoyed most of it [most-not all]. The best advice I can offer is to allow them to take on more choices/responsibilities, so that they feel like their opinion/say counts [hard to do cuz as moms we naturally want to keep doing what we have been doing for years], and love them even more-even when you are yelling at em! LOL
maybe that is not the best help, but hey, I am trying here-LOL
Sorry you are feeling a bit overwhelmed, it can be so disheartening. Honestly, I now can say, toddlerhood, those terrible 5 year olds and sassy 9 year olds were a walk in the park compared to hormonal teens. I think a box of chocolates is in order, I will be there in about a couple hours...sound good?