Monday, July 12, 2010

Award Recieved~thank you!

I was given a beautiful award by fellow blogger, All American Family X5
who I thank very much!

I am to give this award to 15 fellow bloggers who I think are interesting, most versatile and are myfavorite bloggers. I am to also share 7 things about ME..ha! HERE goes:

  • I am a Michael Jackson fan. (OK, I know, it's overdone!)
    • I am a crafter mostly loving to make jewlery, crochet and sewing. But I can do other stuff too, I just like these best.

    • My favorite thing in the whole world is people. I like people and find them all interesting.

    • I love to read liking especially non fiction/history/biography stuff.

    • I am a deep south southerner~love love love the south and miss it!

    • I am a wife, mother and pastor's wife who likes to teach children. It's probably my "gift."

    • I drive a truck and LOVE it!

    Here are my nominations for this award~thanks again All American Family X5!!

    Homeschooling Hearts and Minds

    Our Busy Homeschool

    1 of 100 TOS Crew Reviews

    Through the Calm and Through the Storm

    Our Homeschool Reviews

    Buckaroo Days

    Ramblings From the Crazy House

    If Mama Ain't

    Reviews and Reflections

    Live the Adventure

    A Heart For Home

    Adventures in McQuill Land

    Walking Home

    Until the Day Dawn

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    One Mom said...

    Thanks for the award! :o)