Friday, July 9, 2010

Marriage IS Under Attack

Everyday it seems the moral fiber of our nation is eroding faster and faster!  Traditional marriage, the marriage ordained by God of one man and one woman isn't popular anymore in case you didn't know~ack! AND it's NOT politically correct either, as the battle ground is within the states between the people who are voting and the judicial system.  A judge in MA has ruled that the Defense of Marriage Act is unconstitutional leaving the state within legal bounds for legalizing gay marriages .  As a Christian this disheartens me.  Oh, it's not because I am one of the so called, "haters" as gay rights proponents calls people with my viewpoint, but because I know that homosexuality is wrong according to the Bible~the document that ordained the first marriage, the law that actually CREATED marriage.  In the history of the world, marriage began when God created Eve for Adam, to be his helpmate.  God performed that first marriage ceremony in the Garden, and the two became ONE...

Marriage is upheld by a moral code found in the Bible, and to erode marriage in our society is to shake society at its foundation~MORALITY!  Without morals, our society is destined for all sorts of destruction.  It's a shame that today marriage isn't viewed by many favorably~as the institution God created.  "You can't tell me (or others) WHO or HOW to love..." I can't? You are sooo right! I cannot, but God can! He's the ultimate authority in this world, and faithlessness will not leave a person innocent.  What's that about "ignorance of the law is no excuse!" If we are ignorant or unbelieving and we fail to recognize God as Who He is, does not mean that we will avoid His righteous judgment for failing to live by His standards...we are accountable despite our ignorance! 

For the record, sin is sin.....mine or anybody's...and all of us fall under His judgment. But God offers GRACE to us all~praise Him!  I can be free of this awful penalty for my inability to be "perfect" and holy as HE IS holy...

The question of homosexual rights is being lauded as a civil rights issue.  What? I suspect Dr. King might be a little upset, but I certainly can't speak for him.  But if you look at his writings and life, did he even dream in his dreams that some 40 yrs later that his movement would serve such a purpose? I don't not!  And what about homosexual rights to be civilly recognized in a ceremony that affirms the relationship and values it?  If people want marriage then don't they need to meet the standards set by God since God set marriage UP?   OK, so people WANT something for a special ceremony~pick on the religions that might be OK without a moral stand, that do not absolutely condemn homosexuality~any one will do,,,just leave God's business, the marriage vow and institution ALONE! But, noooooo...marriage is under attack!

I believe that marriage is God ordained for the institution of raising a family and is a covenant relationship between a man and a woman.

This summer, the National Organization for Marriage NOM is touring the nation hosting marriage rallies in support of maintaining traditional marriage and stopping gay marriage in the states.

About a year ago I had the opportunity to facebook get to know the Protect Marriage Site: One Man and One Woman's Louis Marinelli, who is the director and have helped write some for the site. 

Here is the marriage rally schedule of stops around the nation so we can support this effort to support traditional marriage.  You can join the facebook fanpage  HERE!


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Heather said...

Well, this is not what I expected on your site--lol. I was expecting more just homeschool and coupons/freebies! But, seriously, this IS an important topic and you are brave to address it. I will go check out the protect marriage site. Thanks for the info. I am blog walking from the crew:)