Sunday, September 26, 2010

Review: The Way Home DVD ~ Healing via Trials~Rated PG

The Way Home~Based on the Inspirational True Story
Starring: Dean Cain and Lori Beth Edgemon
Release Date:10/26/2010
World Premier Oct 1, 2010 GMC info 8PM EST.
Location:  Various Christian Bookstores
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I say: A tear jerker and heart warming!

I received The Way Home from Book Sneeze in exchange for my honest opinions and no monetary compensation.  My opinions are my own.

What is NOT to love about an adorable little brown eyed baby boy and a story of healing in the face of trial for his family?  Little Joe Simpkins goes missing while his Daddy was supposed to be watching~All the emotions imaginable crash down on this young couple as the community comes together to search...and it doesn't look good...will he be found?   Search and rescue through community both public, private and religious come together to help...but ONLY God can heal...AND there is healing despite... (I'm not sharing!  Girls, you will want to see this film;  it's definitely a chic flick!   I am not sure that some men will like it as it's not fraught with loads of action, but it is very inspiring and aimed showing a man's call to become a better husband and father, so wives will WANT our husbands to see it, for sure!)  There are some special characters in this story~I found the Deputy Bert to lend a slight chuckle... I don't want to spoil it for you!! ~and Ed found a warm place in my heart...

I'm a GA girl~so the sights and sounds are a WONDERFUL surprise to this homesick gal~I recognized the terrain and culture portrayed...VERY believable story ~excellent performances by all involved!   

Dean Cain and Lori Beth Edgemon bring the story to life! 

You won't be disappointed in The Way Home~it's inspirational and will make everyone who sees it THINK about the IMPORTANT things in life~
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