Monday, September 13, 2010

Everyday Life~Pirate Week

Somewhere in this big ole world SOMEBODY is celebrating Pirate Week and I am going to celebrate too!
We're studying the Middle Ages~the age of pirates~so what could be more fun??

My pirate name is
Seaman Bessy the Thieving Leg
What is YOUR pirate name?

Hahahaha!! LOL...and sooo I wonder what kind of sea farer I am then??? Alright me, mateys!! Arrrggghh!


Debbie said...

Not doing pirate week now but here is my pirate name.... I will be saving this site because we will be doing pirates in a couple of weeks.

Scribe Flora the Yellow Leg

Tonya @ Live the Adventure said...

No pirate name for me...not that creative at the moment. Just wanted to say that I love the new look! I normally just see your blog through the reader- I'm glad I clicked over!