Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday Farmgirls at Heart~Chocolate Spoons and Fun!

Plans4YouEverytinhg I do is tied around being a farmgirl and country LOL~even though I'm a city girl!  Soo this past week I found myself making a cool treat for our ladies' missionary meeting.  AND I don't really LIKE chocolate~believe it or not! I prefer fruit flavors~haha!

Please go check out what the other girls who have the farmgirl heart are up to this week!

Here's some pics and the process as I go...UNFORTUNATELY I don't have a pic of the finished spoons in their wraps~I cut off the corners of some sandwich baggies to cover and tied them with raffia~our ladies' meeting was African themed~so the raffia added to that!

Supplies: Add wax paper and loads of trays to what you see.

Don't drool over that bowl of choc, ya'll LOL!

This was a fun and easy project, just took some time! What you see as the last pic is some of the coconut spoons. Daughter and I did red sugar sprinkles, candy sprinkles in fall colors, crushed peanuts(unsalted) AND coconut that you see here.  These were used to stir into hot coco AND coffee~they went over big! Enjoy your farmgirl heart and bless you too!

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Illinois Lori said...

Mmmmm, yummm! I have seen those kinds of stir-spoons in Gooseberry Patch catalogs and other little shops...I'm sure it saves a ton of $$$ to make them yourselves, and doesn't look too hard to do. It was difficult, however, to keep myself from trying to lick the monitor here...