Wednesday, September 8, 2010

FREE: Blog Improvement Stuff: Blog Button Making Instructions

eHow really has some cool stuff, and Here's where they show us how to make a button~did you see mine on the right? It's my first BRAND NEW button~will you share it with others? Let me know you did~thanks ;-))  (IF you prefer to share site feed, grab that widget box scrolling button on the left)~THANKS!

I just realized something~There are no instructions for making the button itself.  Ha~you can't link nothing to make a button, right? So we need to make a pretty button to represent your blog.  I am NOT the most well-versed, but what I did was used my header (THAT I MADE) and had saved to My Pictures on my hard drive and uploaded it to Picnik (dot) Com  and then edited it to look like it does.  I'm not completely happy with it~a little small and could improve upon the graphics, but HEY, it's up right NOW and I can improve it in short order~now that it's up!

Seriously, go ahead and upload a pic you want to make your button.  Resize it to button size. The eHow article says 125x125 which is the size of mine, but I think it's a tad on the small size...sooo like I said, I'm going to remake it at some point.

Once you are happy with your "button" then save it again back to your hard drive and be sure to put "button" on the title so you know it's just that~save it and then upload it to a photo sharing website such as photobucket.  I have a photobucket account and did this~got the code to share and THEN went to the eHOW article to make the button.  Sorry it got lengthy, but you NEEDED a button before you can link it~ha!

HINT: I like to open multiple windows and move back and forth. To be sure I had the code correct, I used dual windows open at the same time!

Happy Blogging!

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