Monday, September 13, 2010

Blog Cruise: SisterT's Talking About FREE Time and HOW She Gets It!

ALL work and no play makes for a very dull boy~and Mama, I'm afraid! It's essential for we moms to take some time JUST for us~There are so many good things that taking breaks and doing things just for us teaches our littles.  IF I NEVER took the time to do the extra special grooming or fun things in my life, then how would I teach these things to my children?  I must lead and teach by example!  Without doing these things, then I not only deprive myself, but the kiddos fail to see just how important they are to a good life.

So exactly what is FREE time?  I think it's time that belongs TO ME~for what I want to do...when and HOW I want to do it.  Does this include others like my hub or kids or a friend? Sure~sometimes it does include another person, but sometimes it's just for me.  It can be quiet and peaceful~a quiet home without the noise of a television or computer blaring or just sitting outside on our deck with the fresh air and a cool breeze...I like hearing the birds sing...I even enjoy hearing cars drive by~there's something calming about that buzz.  The other day I had an opportunity to sit outside in my truck with the windows down, a cool breeze blowing under some trees while near a highway, I could hear the infrequent, but subtle noises of vehicles passing.  It was so calming and quieting.  I was waiting for my daughter to finish some work, and I did I relished in the few minutes of peace.  It's not all that often I can get these moments, but I so enjoy them when I do.  The folks where she worked kept inviting me inside~if they had understood HOW MUCH I was enjoying the driveway and not wanting to come in~there will be plenty of time to be indoors when winter gets here for sure! It was wonderful.

When my children, who are now teens were littles, their dad would come home and give me breaks.  Thank God for this~he has always done the bedtime routine of tucking them in.  It's been a tag team approach.  When I've wanted to sew or go to a ladies event, he would always help...and then there's been Grandma.  Thank God For Grandmas!! She has kept them on occasion for hub and I to go out sometimes.  We have only had a couple of babysitters, and really, this was when they were much much older...generally it was Grandma or one of us...of course it was our preference to do it this way.

I have found some fun things for them to give me small breaks along the way like the story time or reading programs at the library or even classes at the YMCA.  While the kids were busy for that short time, I would check out books or sit with my eyes closed~ha!  I have even had them doing aquatic aerobics with me in the pool while in a class as the instructor allowed it b/c they were well behaved!  Another way I got my FREE time wass to arrange play dates with their friends which was reciprocal because I'd let their friends come over too to give that mom a break worked great!  Another way was to have quiet time each day for two hours while my kids played on their beds quietly or read books.  This wasn't to torture them, but to provide a short time for them to recharge after lunch for them AND ME. 

Like I've said, I take all the breaks I can.

Today as teens, they go to work and other activities which can mean a whole lot more free time.  I've been known to hit the Y or spa for a pedicure or just to take a ride.  A good deal of my time is spent crafting and blogging which are relaxing hobbies for me.  I've always felt that when things cease to be fun~they usually cease!

PLEASE dear mom~take care of you~you are teaching your children the value of self care which is healthful and wise as well as making your own life rich and pleasurable.  Gain those moments anyway you can and be as creative as possible in the season of homeschooling in the journey of life. It's so rich!

Read on to see how the other CREW are all getting their breaks along this season of homeschooling~whoot!


Jodi said...

Great post...we take it as it comes, and God always provides those opportunities when we need them the most. I'm now following you! Thanks for participating in Blog Cruise!

Vickie said...

I agree with Jodi. We take what time that comes and make the most of the opportunities :)

God's Blessings

Guiding Light said...

Great post Vickie! Love the picture in it too!