Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Review: Math Tutor DVD~PreAlgebra Volume I and The TI 84 Calculator Tutor

Math Tudor DVD: The PreAlgebra Tutor Volume I (2 DVD set) 5 hrs of instruction

The TI 83/84 Calculator Tutor (3 DVD set) 8 hrs of instruction
Ages:  8-10th grades (Anyone who needs Alg HELP or to learn the calculator.)
Price: PreAlg $26.99 Reg $34.00~23% savings! Here!
Calculator $26.99 Reg $31.99~16% savings! HERE! 
You can also join the site to use the online resources: all dvd courses, worksheets and forums along with discounted savings  HERE!
Contact:  MathTutorDVD.COM  OR 1-877-MATH-DVD 
Guarantee: Grades Raised or your money back!
My opinion:  Practical and solid!

I was given Math Tutor DVDs, The PreAlgebra Tutor Volume 1 (Vol 2 is available, but I did not receive it.) and The Texas Instruments TI-83 and TI-84 Calculator Tutor for review as a reviewer of The Old Schoolhouse Crew.  My opinions are my own.  I received no other compensation.

Need a tutor for math? Does your child need extra explanation for his work in math? What about a need for additional resources for learning? Math Tutor DVD offers an array of dvd collections to enhance math instruction.  Math Tutor DVD offers many titles for basic math (counting 1-10) for the young child all the way to physics.  These are dvd instructional videos with topics listed and with easy navigation.  Jason Gibson, the instructor is conversational engaging students to learn. He encourages them to watch the lesson first to absorb the material, then to come back and take any notes and work problems for practice.  He has a pleasant manner and is easy to listen to with very good use of the white board for illustrations.  Mr. Gibson REALLY breaks down the information into small pieces so learners can GET IT~These are nice, well done videos that will enhance math learning. Read his bio here! You use your own text and Math Tutor DVD offers foundational and informative information that makes it sensible.  He offers many examples and insights.  He makes it real and simplified.      

We are using PreAlgebra to refresh our skills going into Algebra I when we are capable. Our text is preAlgebra and I am coinciding the Math Tutor DVD lessons to the lessons in our book for additional instruction and reinforcement.  This great for visual and auditory learners~to rework the practices that Mr. Gibson shows would make it more hands on.  My kids are learning and reinforcing their work through these lessons that are about 40 minutes each.  We use my laptop and watch together first as Mr. Gibson suggests then we watch again doing the practice. 

I like Math Tudor DVD because Mr. Gibson is friendly and easy to understand.  I like that I can easily navigate the lessons via my dvd player on my laptop and that my children can watch with me to learn.  I like the classical music included in the opening. These dvds are a great resource for learning! This is consistent throughout the collection. I have reviewed Math Tudor DVD before and found it helpful. You can read about it HERE!

A little about each collection:

PreAlgebra I covers 5 hrs of math instruction:
Disc One~
Section 1  Real Numbers
This lesson covers the kinds of number there are~do you know there are rational and irrational numbers? 
Section 2  The Number Line
Learning about the number line is essential to algebra and being able to plot lines and solve equations.
Section 3  Greater than, Less than, Equal to
No more confusing these symbols in working the problems!
Section 4  Absolute Value and Adding Integers
Wonder what this is? It's explained in this lesson!
Section 5  Subtracting Integers
Watch this one to enhance performance!

Disc 2~
Section 6  Multiplying Integers
Explained simply and with loads of practice!
Section 7 Dividing Integers
Just like Section 6, this is so useful!
Section 8  Powers and Exponents
Essential information~at our fingers!
Section 9 Order of Operations
Working on multi-step problems~WHICH way to go? NOW we know!

Math Tutor DVD covers Alg I and II as well as AP Algebra.  Then for upper level, you can get Geometry, Trig/PreCalculus, Calculus Tutor, Advanced Calculus, Calculus 3, Differential Equations, Physics 1,2,and 3, Unit Conversions, Statistics and Probability.

Math TutorDVD will support your student's need to know more!

I remember taking Algebra 101and Statistics in college and needing an advanced calculator. I was at a serious disadvantage in having to learn how to use the thing while navigating college math~Math TutorDVD has answered this problem with creating a tutorial that teaches the ins and outs of this powerful math tool.  I don't currently own a TI calculator other than my old one from 1993, but we were able to download an online one from Virtual TI-84 which I did download and worked with.  I did not find the download useful with this tutorial.   

TheTI83/84 Tutor has 8 hours of video tutoring! It covers many topics needed to fully use this valuable resource!  Everything from simple programming to graphing with this calculator is included. You will appreciate Math Tutor DVD for supporting your math curriculum and as a supplement.  Online helps are available too! The helps provided really make this powerful calculator user friendly. 
When you look at this calculator a few questions come to mind: Where's the equal sign? It's missing or rather, not included on this model because the ENTER is where you get the results of calculations! Why worry about using this calculator?  The Texas Instruments 84 Calculator SAVES TIME which is very valuable in test taking on important tests like the ACT/SAT or GRE.    I KNOW that this calculator is VERY useful in university math courses~why disadvantage your child in testing and in college? Learn this calculator now and practice its use for mastery~Math Tutor DVD provides a wonderful way to accomplish these goals!

HERE check out what the Crew is saying!
and head over to pick up your copies of these useful tutorials for math HERE!


Loretta said...

Nice review, and good that you added a link for folks to get the virtual calculator, as well.


Jan L. Burt said...

Excellent review :)

Jan L. Burt said...

Excellent review :)

Penny said...

Hey SisterT, I'm with the TOS Crew and I just reviewed Math Tutor DVD, too. Wow, you did a great job and covered so much information! I see you have The Peleg Chronicles coming up; so do we and my family is sooo excited to start the book this weekend. Thanks for the opportunity to follow your blog, now that I've found you. =) Blessings, PK

Penny said...

P.S. You can find me @, but, please, no great expectations because I am VERY new at this blogging and reviewing "stuff". Your comments/critiques are welcome...

More blessings, PK